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LIC-10.05 - Prohibited Acts

Administrative Rule Adopted by Revenue Bureau - License & Tax Division Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

1. Notwithstanding PCC 14B.90.120, a Dealer may receive property for which the Dealer has an objectively reasonable basis to believe is more likely than not stolen if the Dealer is doing so with the intention of recovering the item for a specifically identified victim. The Dealer must notify the Portland Police Bureau Special Properties Investigation unit of the acquisition and the name of the specific person or entity believed to be the victim by the end of the business day that the acquisition is made. Notification may be made by phone, fax, or email. An item acquired under this Administrative Rule must be immediately placed under a 30-day Police Hold.


Adopted by Director of Revenue Bureau as Administrative Rule 120.07-1 October 25, 2007.
Rule renumbered by Auditor's Office and filed in PPD October 26, 2007.