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May 20, 2003

MINUTES FOR May 20, 2003 (approved June 17, 2003)
CRC members present: Lopez (Chair), Stone (Vice Chair), Alexander, Browning, Butzbaugh, Miggins, Ueland, Jaffe, Montgomery
IPR staff present: Blackmer (City Auditor), Hess (IPR Deputy Director), Rees (Deputy City Attorney), Stewart (IPR Community Relations Coordinator), DeAngelis (IPR Management Analyst)
IAD and Police Bureau staff present: Lieutenant Babnick, Sergeant Frater
Chair Héctor López called meeting to order at 5:33 p.m..
1. Minutes of 4/15/03 and 5/6/03 CRC meetings will be reviewed at the next CRC meeting.
2. CRC Work Group Reports
Policy Work Group -- Denise Stone
  • The final draft of the Hooper Detox policy recommendation is being reviewed by the Policy Work Group members. Following their review, it will be submitted to the full CRC for their review and acceptance.

Internal Process Work Group (IPWG) -- Hank Miggins
  • Discussion of the IPWG mission statement has been postponed to a future CRC meeting.
  • The IPGW request for permission to facilitate the June 21 CRC retreat was unanimously approved.
Community Outreach Work Group – Denise Stone
  • The Community Outreach WG proposed two public forums in the month of June: an outreach forum to the Hispanic community and a public forum on the IPR ordinance.
  • It was then proposed by Chair López that outreach to the Hispanic community be done in conjunction with a June 2 forum on police accountability at Portland State University (PSU) sponsored by MEChA (a Hispanic student organization.) Roberto Gutierrez and Laura Campos of MEChA were present at the meeting and provided information about the forum and invited the CRC to participate in an educational role.
  • TJ Browning made a motion, seconded by Denise Stone, that the CRC participate in the June 2 forum at PSU. The motion carried by a vote of 8-1.
    • Yes: Lopez (Chair), Stone (Vice Chair), Alexander, Browning, Butzbaugh, Miggins, Jaffe, Montgomery
    • No: Ueland
  • CRC members Montgomery and Browning volunteered to coordinate with MEChA regarding CRC’s participation in this forum.
  • Denise Stone made a motion, seconded by Mia Butzbaugh, to hold a public forum regarding the IPR ordinance on Thursday, June 19, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the City Hall. This motion carried unanimously.
3. Pre-hearing CRC No. 2003-X-0012 (IPR/IAD No. 2002-C-0488)
The appellant was present. Denise Stone and Bob Ueland presented this case, in which the appellant alleged he was falsely arrested for domestic violence and that the arresting officers filed inaccurate police reports about the incident. TJ Browning also reviewed the IAD file on this case, and commented that the police reports were excellent. Following discussion by CRC, Ueland made a motion to affirm IAD’s declination. The motion was seconded by Stone. The appellant then addressed the CRC and expressed his concerns. The motion to affirm the IAD declination carried by a vote of 7-2.
Yes: Browning, Alexander, Butzbaugh, Stone, Miggins, Ueland, Montgomery
No: López, Jaffe
Policy Issues: Hank Miggins referred to the Policy Work Group the issue of use of seatbelts when transporting persons in police cars.
4. Pre-hearing CRC No. 2003-X-0011 (IPR/IAD No. 2002-C-0224)
The appellant was not present. Doug Montgomery and Toni Jaffe presented this case, in which the appellant alleged that he was assaulted by a police officer because the officer recognized him from a prior occasion in which the appellant assaulted another officer. It was noted by TJ Browning that there were no audio tapes of interviews in the IAD file. Lieutenant Babnick responded IAD would attempt to locate the misplaced tapes, which had originally been in the file. After discussion by CRC, Doug Montgomery made a motion to affirm the Police Bureau’s finding. The motion was seconded by Bob Ueland. The motion failed to carry by a vote of 8-1.
Yes: Montgomery
No: López, Jaffe, Browning, Alexander, Butzbaugh, Stone, Miggins, Ueland
Ric Alexander then made a motion to send the case back to IAD or IPR to separate the current allegation into two separate allegations, to be followed by a full hearing. TJ Browning seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
5. Discussion of the CRC re-appointment and selection process.
Denise Stone led the discussion of this issue.
After discussion, TJ Browning made a motion to suspend the current protocol on selection and re-appointment of CRC members until the June 17 CRC meeting. Doug Montgomery seconded the motion. The motion carried by a vote of 5-4.
Yes: Browning, Stone, Montgomery, López, Butzbaugh
No: JaffeMiggins, Alexander, Ueland
6. New Business:
  • TJ Browning quoted from an editorial in The Oregonian in which Mayor Katz was quoted as stating that she intended to have a community review of the recent police shooting of Kendra James. She then made a motion that CRC offer to Mayor Katz to facilitate public outreach for concerns relating to the Kendra James shooting. Denise Stone seconded this motion. The motion failed to carry by a vote of 6-3.
    • Yes: Browning, Stone, Jaffe
    • No: Miggins, Alexander, López, Butzbaugh, Ueland, Montgomery
  • TJ Browning provided two handouts to CRC members: Guidelines for mass arrests and a example of a well-written police report provided to her by the DA’s Office.
7. Public Comment: Dan Handelman, Portland Copwatch