POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 27 Heating and Vent Chapter 27.02 Organization and Enforcement
27.02.010 General.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 176955, effective October 9, 2002.)  The Building Inspections Director is hereby authorized and directed to enforce all the provisions of this Code.

A.  Appointees.  In accordance with the procedure and with the approval of the Commissioner in Charge of the Bureau of Development Services, the Building Inspections Director may appoint such number of officers, inspectors, assistants, and other employees as shall be authorized and as may be necessary to perform any duty imposed upon him by this Code.  Such appointees shall, for the sake of this Code, hereafter be known as building officials, inspectors, or authorized representatives.

B.  (Amended by Ord. No. 150873, effective Jan. 17, 1981.)  Right of Entry.  Whenever necessary to make an inspection to enforce any of the provisions of this Code, or whenever the Building Official or his authorized representative has reasonable cause to believe that there exists in any building or upon any premises any condition or Code violation which makes such building or premises unsafe, dangerous, or hazardous, the Building Official or his authorized representative may enter such building or premises at all reasonable times to inspect the same or to perform any duty imposed upon the Building Official by this Code, provided that if such building or premises be occupied, he shall first present proper credentials and request entry; and if such building or premises be unoccupied, he shall first make a reasonable effort to locate the owner or other persons having charge or control of the building or premises and request entry.  If such entry is refused, the Building Official or his authorized representative shall have recourse to every remedy provided by law to secure entry.

When the Building Official or his authorized representative shall have first obtained a proper inspection warrant or other remedy provided by law to secure entry, no owner or occupant or any other persons having charge, care, or control of any building or premises shall fail or neglect, after proper request is made as herein provided, to promptly permit entry therein by the Building Official or his authorized representative for the purpose of inspection and examination pursuant to this Code.

C.  Stop Orders.  Whenever any work is being done contrary to the provisions of this Code, the Building Official may order the work stopped by notice in writing served on any persons engaged in the doing or causing such work to be done, any such persons shall forthwith stop such work until authorized by the Building Official to proceed with the work.

D.  Authority to Condemn Equipment.  Whenever the Building Official learns or ascertains that any equipment, as defined in this Code, has become hazardous to life, health, or property, he shall order, in writing, that such equipment be restored to a condition of safety or be dismantled or removed from its present location.  The written notice shall fix a time limit for compliance with such order.  No person shall use or maintain the defective equipment after receiving such notice.

E.  Liability.  The Building Official or any employee charged with the enforcement of this Code, acting in good faith and without malice for the jurisdiction in the discharge of his duties, shall not thereby render himself liable personally and he hereby is relieved from all personal liability for any damage that may accrue to persons or property as a result of any act required or by reason of any act or omission in the discharge of his duties.  Any suit brought against the Building Official or employees, because of such act or omission performed by him in the enforcement of any provisions of this Code, shall be defended by the legal department of the jurisdiction until final termination of the proceedings.