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2007 2nd Quarter Lobbying Reports

Lobbying Entity Quarterly Statements
This report includes only lobbying entities who have exceeded the 16 hour quarterly threshold for lobbying activities. The following entities are excluded from registration requirements: news media acting in the ordinary course of reporting the ordinary course of business; nonprofits recognized by the Office of Neighborhood involvement and those who comply with the public meetings requirements.
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City Officials Quarterly Statements
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Master Spreadsheet of All Lobbying Contacts with City Officials (2nd Quarter Only)
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List of Registered Lobbying Entities
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List of Lobbyists
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Subject of Lobbying
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City Officials Report (Gifts, Meals, Entertainment, or Donations Received)
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Active Certificates of Limited Expenditure (as of 7/18/07)
Columbia Corridor Association
League of Women Voters of Portland
Money in Politics Research Action Project
Portland Public School District
Portland State University
Portland Streetcar Citizens Advisory Committee

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