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April 17, 2007

Citizen Review Committee
April 17, 2007
Approved May 15, 2007
CRC Members Present:  Michael Bigham (Vice-chair), Lewellyn Robison (Recorder), Josephine Cooper, Loren Eriksson, Robert Milesnick, Sherrelle Owens, Robert Ueland
CRC Members Absent:  Hank Miggins (notified), Irene Ogouma (did not notify)
City Staff Present:  City Auditor Gary Blackmer, Pete Sandrock (IPR Assistant Director), Michael Hess (IPR), Lauri Stewart (IPR)
Vice-chair Bigham called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.
I.       Introductions and welcome (Vice-chair Bigham)  
II.      Mr. Eriksson moved that the minutes of the 3/20/07CRC meeting be approved.  Mr. Ueland seconded.  The minutes were unanimously approved. 
III.     Director’s Report (L. Stewart for Director Stevens)
·        The Use of Force Task Force Report will be released on Tuesday 4/24/07.
·        Appeals Update:  For calendar year 2007, 16 cases have been closed that were eligible for appeal.  Five requests for appeal have been received.  One appeal hearing has been set for 5/15/07.  The remaining four appeals need to be scheduled.  Three additional cases are currently eligible for appeal. 
·        New PPB Directives:  The only PPB policy change issued since the last CRC meeting was a minor addition to Directive 940.00 on After Action Reports for Taser deployment. 
·        Director Stevens presented at the PPBAdvancedAcademy and the PPB Sergeants’ Academy.
·        Chief’s Forum Update:   The 4/2/07 Chief’s Forum included a discussion of a proposed change in educational requirements for police officer applicants.  At the 4/16/07 Chief’s Forum, there was discussion of a shortfall of funding in the State Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, which could lead to a reduction in the number of available slots in the StatePoliceAcademy this year.      
Community Outreach Update:  The Spring 2007 IPR Quarterly Report is in the finalization process.  It will include a short piece highlighting the
range of community activities of CRC members.  Over the past month, Ms. Stewart provided consultation to the City of Salem, the Albany Police Department, and the San Francisco Police Department and met with a delegation of Mongolian National Police through the International Visitors Program.  Ms. Stewart represented IPR/CRC at Coalition Against Hate Crimes, where NorthwestConstitutionalRightsCenter discussed their work on a series of community listening sessions with the Portland Police Bureau on racial issues, and work on upcoming Shadow Report for the U.N. on Oregon compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  (Informational handout provided.)
Ms. Stewart spoke with Southwest Neighbors, Inc. about their current work and invited them to the May 15 CRC meeting in southwest Portland.  Ms. Stewart is working on arranging an outreach to clients of Old Town service providers.
IV.      Guest Speaker:  Mr. Jim Hayden, Multnomah County Assistant District Attorney, on the parental responsibility ordinance and a curfew enforcement pilot project in Northeast Precinct and Central Precinct.  Discussion with CRC, community members, and press representatives followed the presentation.
V.       Workgroup Updates
·        Tow Policy Workgroup (Michael Bigham, Chair).  Derek Reinke of IPR has finished a draft for the final report of the workgroup.  Mr. Bigham and Mr. Eriksson will review the draft, and it should be available within the next week or two for other CRC members to review in the IPR office.     
·        Protocol Workgroup (Lewellyn Robison, Chair).  Ms. Robison provided a status report on the work of the workgroup.  The workgroup met on 4/13/07 and discussed a new protocol on CRC expectations and responsibilities, the Pre-hearing Protocol, and the Hearing Protocol.  Next meeting is scheduled for 4/24/07 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.    
·        Bias Based Policing Workgroup (Sherrelle Owens, Chair):  The workgroup’s mission statement and objectives were presented.  Mr. Ueland made a motion to approve the mission statement, seconded by Ms. Robison.  The motion passed unanimously.  With regard to the proposed workgroup objectives, Auditor Blackmer cautioned against reaching conclusions about causes based on a case review files.  Ms. Owens agreed to take the objectives back to the workgroup for reworking.  Next meeting is scheduled for 5/9/07 at 12:00 p.m.
VI.     Appeals:  Mr. Eriksson made a motion to waive pre-hearings on the four remaining appeals.  Ms. Robison seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.  Mr. Bigham proposed holding two hearings (2007-X-0001 and 2007-X-0002) at the May CRC meeting and three hearings (2007-X-0003, 2007-X-0004, and 2007-X-0005) at the June CRC meeting.  (2007-X-0004 and 2007-X-0005 involve the same appellant).  CRC agreed to this. 
VII.    Old Business:  None
VIII.   New Business:  Ms. Robison mentioned that it is incorrectly noted in the updated table of contents for IPR/CRC protocols that Protocol 5.06 is vacated.  Mr. Ueland raised the issue of the age of IAD investigations.  Mr. Sandrock confirmed that the IPR Director and Assistant Director speak with the IAD Captain weekly about the timeliness of investigations. 
IX.     New Tracking Items:  Mr. Milesnick said that he would add Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods to the potential speaker list.
X.      Wrap-up Comments:  Ms. Stewart mentioned that a copy of the Copwatch reference guide on citizens’ rights was included in tonight’s packet as requested by CRC members at the last meeting.  Ms. Owens asked if CRC may invite guest speakers to come back and speak again. Ms. Stewart said the CRC members may invite any speakers they choose and just to let her know so she can facilitate this.  Mr. Sandrock suggested that CRC members should discuss potential speakers with the CRC chair prior to contacting Ms. Stewart.  Ms. Owens thought it would be a good idea to invite Mr. Hayden back to give an update if a broader curfew intervention takes place.  Mr. Bigham announced that next month’s guest speakers will be from the Transit Division.  Ms. Cooper said she has done outreach to persons in homeless shelters and has invited them to attend CRC meetings.  
XI.     Public Comment:
·        Mr. Matt Davis, a reporter for the Portland Mercury, said that, as a follow-up to last month’s guest presentation from the editor of Street Roots, he wrote an article about the Portland Patrol, Inc. (PPI), private security guards who work in downtown Portland.  Mr. Davis distributed copies of his article.
·        Ms. Debbie Aiona (League of Women Voters) wondered if CRC was planning to follow through on the idea of reviewing and discussing appeal case files one month before hearings are scheduled.  She also hoped CRC would revisit scheduling a general discussion of the appeals process in a future meeting.
·        Mr. Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch) discussed the Police Bureau’s proposed plan to employ civilian IAD investigators.  It is Copwatch’s position that if civilian investigators are to be hired, they should be hired to work for IPR rather than the Police Bureau. 
·        Mr. Bigham asked Auditor Blackmer for his opinion on Mr. Handelman’s suggestion of hiring non-sworn investigators in IPR rather than IAD.  Mr. Blackmer said that the goal is to have thorough, fair, objective investigations.  He said that oversight agencies that employ civilian investigators in lieu of Internal Affairs investigators are not as effective as the Portland model.  Ms. Stewart added that the IAD investigators investigate more than just citizen complaints, so IAD will continue to have a need to hire its own investigators.  
Vice-chair Bigham adjourned the meeting at 7:35 p.m.