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ENB-4.15 - BES Enforcement Program Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureau of Environmental Services Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

Link to Full Text of Administrative Rules  (PDF Document, 134 kb). What follows is the Table of Contents and an excerpt from the administrative rules:
Regulatory Authority
Violation Investigations
Violation Classification
Enforcement Tools
Penalties and Cost Recovery
Administrative Review 

These are the administrative rules for the Bureau of Environmental Services Enforcement Program.


1.  Applicability


These rules describe Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) procedures for assessing violations of Portland City Code (PCC) provisions, administrative rules and permits related to the following:


A.  Stormwater Management Manual [Portland Policy Document (PPD) item ENB-4.01]


B.  Sanitary Discharges and Pretreatment Program (PPD item ENB-4.03)


C.  Sewer Development Services Program (PPD item ENB-4.07)


D.  The Septage Hauler Program (PPD item ENB-4.12)


E.  Stormwater Discharge Program (PPD item ENB-4.13)


F.  Sewer and Drainage Facilities Design Manual (PPD item ENB-4.14)


G.  BES Public Works Enforcement (PPD item ENB-4.22)


H.  Fats, Oils and Grease Removal Program (PPD item ENB-4.26)


I.  BES Title 10 Discharge Enforcement Program (PPD item ENB-4.30), and


J.  Maintenance Inspection Program (PPD item ENB-4.31)


2.  Purpose


These rules establish BES’s decision-making criteria for assessing violations and penalties and the process for appealing enforcement actions and associated penalties, including administrative review and appeal to the City Code Hearings Officer. These rules support the following City program goals:


A.  Facilitate and ensure compliance with relevant BES codes, rules and policies;


B.  Prevent harm to human health, public safety, the environment, and City assets;


C.  Facilitate and ensure immediate response actions to stop violations and limit impacts;


D.  Deter future violations;


E.  Maintain City compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations, programs, and permits; and


F.  Conduct enforcement in a fair, equitable, and appropriate manner.


Adopted by the Director of the Bureau of Environmental Services March 15, 2007.
Filed in PPD March 15, 2007.
Amended rules adopted by Director of Bureau of Environmental Services September 20, 2013.
Amended by Director of Bureau of Environmental Services January 8, 2015.

Table of Contents
ENB-4.01 - Stormwater Management Manual
ENB-4.02 - Sewer Maintenance Under Streetcar Tracks
ENB-4.03 - Sanitary Discharge and Pretreatment Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.04 - Odor Control Policy for Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant
ENB-4.05 - System Development Charges Administrative Rules
ENB-4.06 - Sanitary Sewer Line and Branch Connection Charges
ENB-4.07 - Sewer Development Services Programs
ENB-4.08 - BES Sewer Backflow Device Reimbursement Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.09 - Sewer and Drainage System User Charges Administrative Rules
ENB-4.10 - Erosion and Sediment Control Manual
ENB-4.11 - Recovering the Costs of Engineering and Superintendence Services for Public Sewer Improvement Projects During the Construction Phase
ENB-4.12 - Septage Hauler Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.13 - Administrative Rules for Discharges to the City Storm Sewer and Drainage System
ENB-4.14 - Sewer and Drainage Facilities Design Manual
ENB-4.15 - BES Enforcement Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.16 - BES Clean River Rewards Stormwater Discount Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.17 - Sanitary System Connection Administrative Rules
ENB-4.18 - Mandatory Sewer Connection Program
ENB-4.19 - Green Streets Policy and Green Streets Cross-Bureau Phase 2 Report
ENB-4.20 - Sewer and Drainage Rates and Charges
ENB-4.21 - Downspout Disconnection Program
ENB-4.22 - BES Public Works Enforcement Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.23 - Treebate Program
ENB-4.25 - Extra Strength Charge Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.26 - Fats, Oils, and Grease Removal Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.27 - Nonconforming Sewer Conversion Program
ENB-4.28 - BES Financial Assistance Programs
ENB-4.29 - BES Connection Permit Refund Administrative Rules
ENB-4.30 - BES Title 10 Discharge Enforcement Administrative Rules
ENB-4.31 - Maintenance Inspection Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.32 - BES Sub-Meter Program Administrative Rules
ENB-4.33 - BES Branch CIPP Lining Administrative Rules
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