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4506 Revenue Bureau: Special Events

4506-01         SPECIAL EVENTS PERMITS                     

Series is used to issue permits for special events such as parades, walks, runs, marches, etc.  Series is created to insure that all needs are addressed.  Records include a copy of the application, copy of the permit issued to applicant, correspondence insurance certificates, hold harmless agreements, and other related records.  Series may include copies of after action reports compiled by the Police Bureau or Maintenance Bureau if they were created.

Confidential?       No

Vital Record?       Yes

Record Copy?      Yes



For City sponsored events:

(A) Records documenting significant aspects of the event, retain permanently;  

(B) Other records retain 3 years after event

For non-City sponsored events:

(C) Retain 20 years; consult City Archives prior to destruction


AUTHORITY:    OAR 166-200-0010(20); 166-200-0010(31); 166-200-0115(4)



Series is used to coordinate with private concerns about large events that require special or council action.  Records include correspondence, insurance, ordinances, maps, meeting records and notes, and other data related to the special event.  Examples include Rose Festival, Artquake, and other similar events.

Confidential?       Yes

Vital Record?       No

Record Copy?      Yes


RETENTION:     Retain 5 years after event



AUTHORITY:    OAR 166-200-0010(20)


4506-03         ECONOMIC IMPACT RECORDS               

Series is created to measure the economic impact of special events/film and video projects on the City budget and regional economy.  Records include City costs used to support the event, permit costs, and records that show how the local economy has been impacted.  Records include financial reports, spreadsheets, correspondence and other similar records.

Confidential?       No

Vital Record?       No

Record Copy?      Yes


RETENTION:     10 years


AUTHORITY:    OAR 166-200-0040(4)


4506-04         CALENDAR OF SPECIAL EVENTS          

Series is created to compile information from permits to track what events are scheduled.  Series is used to track annual events.  Records include dates, information about the permit memos, notes, timeliness, coordinator, type of event and other related information.

Confidential?       No

Vital Record?       No

Record Copy?      Yes


RETENTION:     2 years


AUTHORITY:    OAR 166-200-0010(2)

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