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November 21, 2006

Citizen Review Committee
November 21, 2006
Approved December 19, 2006
CRC Members Present:  Hank Miggins (Chair), Michael Bigham (Vice-chair), Lewellyn Robison (Recorder), Josephine Cooper, Loren Eriksson, Sherrelle Owens, Marcella Red Thunder
CRC Members Absent:  Irene Ogouma, Robert Ueland
City Staff Present:  Leslie Stevens (IPR Director), Michael Hess (IPR), Lauri Stewart (IPR), Diane Betcher (Deputy City Auditor)
Police Bureau Members Present:  Captain John Tellis (IAD), Lieutenant Jay Drum (IAD)
Chair Miggins called the meeting to order at 5:38 p.m.
I.      Introductions and welcome (Chair Miggins)  
II.      Swearing in of new CRC members Sherelle Owens and Josephine Cooper by Deputy Auditor Diane Betcher
III.      Mr. Eriksson moved that the minutes of the 10/17/06CRC meeting be approved.  Ms. Robison seconded.  The minutes were unanimously approved. 
IV.      Director’s Report
·        Appeals Update:  For calendar year 2006, 31 cases have been eligible for appeal.  The time for requesting an appeal has not yet passed for three of these cases.  Three appeals have been filed. 
·        The Police Bureau has accepted the CRC recommendations on Appeal #2006-C-0003.  (A copy of the letter to the IPR Director from Chief Sizer was handed out to CRC members.)
·        New PPB Directives:  No new directives.
·        CRC Training at CampWithycomb is scheduled for Saturday, 12/9/06
·        Chief’s Forum Update (Lauri Stewart):   There were no Chief’s Forums since the last CRC meeting.  There was a planning session on the structure of the Chief’s Forum and ways to increase its effectiveness.  The Chief’s Forum members also participated in a meeting on community policing at the Doubletree Hotel.
·        Community Outreach Update (Lauri Stewart):  
Outreach with Northeast Portland Crime Prevention staff and Northeast Coalition of Neighbors, including their new chair, Willie Brown.
Outreach with the Urban League Interim Director.
Met with Raul Velazquez of Hispanic Ministries regarding strategies to improve outreach to non-English speaking persons.  The Hispanic Ministries agreed to be an information distribution center.  
Met with a representative of the Hispanic Directory about ways to improve outreach to the Spanish speaking community. 
Provided consultation to the Washington, D.C. civilian oversight program about ways to more effectively triage complaints.
Provided consultation to Austin, Texas , about CRC workgroups as a possible model for enhancing their work products.
Provided miscellaneous media outreach.
V.      Guest Speakers:  Mr. Jason Dahl and Ms. Shauna Curphey of the NorthwestConstitutionalRightsCenter .  The speakers discussed the history and mission of the NorthwestConstitutionalRightsCenter and their campaign to eliminate racial profiling.  They presented their organization’s recommendations for police accountability in Portland .  Following the presentation, there was an open discussion with CRC, IPR, and community members on the issues raised in the presentation.
VI.      Workgroup Updates
·        Appeal Work Group: Mr. Miggins stated that the workgroup is continuing work on its final product.  Ms. Robison noted that the final draft of the Appeal Process Advisor guide was included in the meeting packet, and the draft guide was provided to the two new CRC members. The next meeting of the Appeal Workgroup will be on the second Wednesday of the month (12/13/06) at 10:00 a.m.
·        Tow Policy Workgroup (Michael Bigham, Chair).  There was a meeting earlier today, which included a discussion on giving officers more latitude on towing for offenses such as driving uninsured and driving while suspended.  The workgroup has learned that officers do have discretion not to tow recovered stolen vehicles if the owner can respond to the scene in a timely manner (i.e., within thirty minutes), and this is in the current policy.  The workgroup is continuing to draft recommendations to bring back to the full CRC.  
·        Protocol Workgroup (Lewellyn Robison, Chair).  CRC members have been provided a copy of proposed changes to Protocol 5.21 (Appeal Process Advisor).  Three changes in the implementation of the protocol    are proposed.   The new members pointed out that they have not had a chance to read the proposed changes and compare them to the current protocol.  Chair Miggins proposed that approval of the proposed changes be included on the agenda of the next full CRC meeting.   Chair Miggins noted that it was agreed in a previous meeting that workgroup recommendations be provided to CRC one month before approval is to be voted on. 
At the last Protocol Workgroup meeting, changes were also discussed for  Protocol 5.14 (Request for Reconsideration of CRC Decisions), but the workgroup would like to table this for now.
A small change has been proposed in the protocol addressing election of CRC officers.  A copy of this proposed change will be sent out to the members so that it can be brought before the CRC for approval at their next meeting.   The change is that the CRC Chair, not the IPR Director, will take nominations for CRC chair.  Chair Miggins proposed that there should be a separate protocol for the election of CRC officers.  
The Protocol Workgroup has not yet completed its work on a number of other protocols, including the protocols on hearings and pre-hearings. 
Ms. Robison will email to IPR the protocol changes that are to be considered for approval at the next CRC meeting so that they can be provided to the CRC members.  Director Stevens will have the proposed changes posted on the IPR website for public comment. 
Chair Miggins stated that he has recently come to realize that CRC does not have a protocol on how it conducts meetings.  He suggested the possibility of developing a protocol addressing the CRC meeting structure. 
Ms. Robison set the tentative date of the next Protocol Workgroup meeting on  the second Monday of December (12/11/06). 
·        CRC Retreat (Lewellyn Robison):  The retreat is scheduled for Saturday 1/13/07 from 9:00 a.m. to about 4:00 p.m. at the Water Pollution Laboratory in North Portland.  There will be a facilitator for part of the retreat.  Mike Hess will set up a meeting with a facilitation coordinator, Ms. Robison, and Mr. Bigham to discuss the type of facilitation that will be needed.  The retreat will include team building activities, an overview of the rules under which the CRC operates, the duties of the CRC as defined by the City Code, Oregon Public Meeting Law, confidentiality and retention of documents, the community comment and public comment protocols, and the reasonable person standard as defined by the City Code.  After the lunch break, the balance of the meeting will be dedicated to setting up goals for the coming year, including a possible reconsideration of the “top ten” policy issue list. The next meeting of the retreat group has not yet been determined.
VII.      Discussion of New Workgroups
Chair Miggins opened a discussion on getting new CRC members and interested CRC applicants involved in the workgroup process.  For the benefit of the new members, an overview of current workgroups was provided.  The policy issues bin (“top ten list”) was revisited with a view toward possible establishment of new workgroups.  Chair Miggins suggested the possibility of forming a new workgroup to address one of the policy issues on the list and asked the new members to consider choosing a workgroup to join.  Mr. Eriksson, Mr. Bigham, and Ms. Robison stated that they will not be able to participate in a new workgroup at this time because of their current commitments.
Ms. Owens stated that it would be her preference to start a new workgroup.  After reviewing the “top ten” policy list, Ms. Cooper expressed interested in the training issue, and Ms. Owens expressed interest in the issue of Bias Based Policing.  Chair Miggins agreed the Bias Based Policing issue was something he has been interested in for some time.  Director Stevens asked the CRC members if any of them had been asked to participate in the Mayor’s commission on racial profiling, and no one had.  Director Stevens suggested that one or two CRC members might be interested in looking into being a part of that commission and thus tying CRC into that work.  Ms. Owens suggested that if there is to be a workgroup on this issue, someone from the workgroup might want to be on the Mayor’s commission, and she would be interested in pursuing this.  Director Stevens offered to talk to the Mayor’s police liaison and the Chief’s Office about CRC representation on the Mayor’s commission on racial profiling.  
Following the above discussion, Chair Miggins decided to form a Bias Based Policing Workgroup, and he volunteered to serve on it.  A purpose statement and workplan will be developed and brought to the next CRC meeting.  Director Stevens suggested that this workgroup could help her to finish up the work she has already been begun on this issue.  She offered to provide the workgroup members a description of work on this issue that might be useful in developing a purpose statement.  Director Stevens mentioned that David Gonzalez might be interested in participating in this workgroup.  Ms. Owens offered to serve as chair of the Bias Based Policing Workgroup.  Chair Miggins suggested setting up a meeting with Director Stevens to develop the purpose statement, work plan, and schedule for this workgroup.  Chair Miggins will again send a list of the CRC applicants who have expressed interest in serving on a workgroup to the workgroup chairs so they can contact them.  Chair Miggins will contact Mr. Gonzalez regarding the Bias Based Police Workgroup.  The first meeting of the Bias Based Policing Workgroup was scheduled for Wednesday, 12/6/06, from 12:00noon to 1:00 p.m.   The agenda will be to discuss the organization of this workgroup and to develop a purpose statement.
Ms. Red Thunder said that she had not been notified that it was time to reapply for her CRC position.   
VIII.      New Business
·        Director Stevens stated that in response to CRC’s recommendations on the last appeal, the Police Bureau would like to open a dialogue with CRC about issues that were raised and have someone from the Police Bureau speak to CRC about the TriMet Division and operating agreements that they work under.  CRC agreed to tentatively schedule this presentation for their February meeting. 
·        Mr. Eriksson asked if there was any way that CRC members could be issued City of Portland ID cards.  Director Stevens said that only the Mayor’s Office could authorize this.    
·        Mr. Eriksson noted that the CRC meeting was not on the City of Portland online calendar.  Director Stevens said that she would take care of making sure that this happens in the future.   
·        Mr. Eriksson stated that he found a copy of a previous complaint process flow chart, and he asked if the flow chart could be updated.  Director Stevens said that there is a more current flow chart in the IPR annual report that she can provide for CRC.
·        Mr. Eriksson stated that last February he and Ms. Robison reviewed the timeliness of IAD cases.  He suggested that a timeliness review be done again this coming February.   Ms. Robison thought that timeliness could be looked at as a part of the periodic review of complaint files.
·        Chair Miggins reported that his visits to the elected officials have been completed.  The commissioners and the Mayor recommended that CRC make a presentation to the City Council once or twice a year.  The Mayor also suggested that to avoid duplication of efforts there be a joint meeting of the CRC and the Chief’s Forum, with the participation of IPR and IAD.  With regard to IAD staffing shortages, the Mayor suggested that there might be some IAD cases that could be investigated at the precinct level. Director Stevens said she has discussed this with Captain Tellis, and they agreed to look for cases that might be appropriate for precinct investigation.  Mr. Miggins also during the meeting with the Mayor it was suggested that some citizens are reluctant to make complaints because they are dissatisfied with the complaint process.  Mr. Miggins is going to follow up with the Mayor’s Office on this matter.  The general feedback from the commissioners and Mayor about the CRC was positive.
IX.      Public Comment
Alan Osborn (League of Women Voters); Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch)
X.      Wrap-up Comments: None
Chair Miggins adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.