POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 3 Chapter 3.100 Equal Opportunity
3.100.053 Discrimination in the provision of benefits prohibited.

(Added by Ordinance No. 180077, effective May 19, 2006)
A.  No contractor on a City contract shall discriminate by policy or practice in the provision of employee benefits between an employee with a domestic partner and an employee with a spouse, subject to the following exceptions:
1.  In the event that the contractor's actual cost of providing a particular benefit for the domestic partner of an employee exceeds that of providing it for the spouse of an employee, or the contractor's actual cost of providing a particular benefit for the spouse of an employee exceeds that of providing it for the domestic partner of an employee, the contractor shall not be deemed to discriminate in the provision of employee benefits if the contractor conditions providing such benefit upon the employee agreeing to pay the excess costs.
2.  The contractor shall not be deemed to discriminate in the provision of employee benefits if, despite taking reasonable measures to do so, the contractor is unable to extend a particular employee benefit to domestic partners, so long as the contractor provides the employee with a cash equivalent.
B.  Other options for compliance allowed. Provided that a contractor does not discriminate in the provision of benefits between employees with spouses and employees with domestic partners, a contractor may:
1.  Elect to provide benefits to individuals in addition to employees' spouses and employees' domestic partners;
2.   Elect to provide benefits in a manner unrelated to spousal or domestic partner status; or
3.  Provide benefits neither to employees' spouses nor to employees' domestic partners.
C.   Requirements inapplicable under certain conditions. The Director may waive the requirements of this chapter where it is found not to be in the best interest of the City. Examples of situations that require waiving the requirements of this chapter include but are not limited to:
1.   Award of a contract or amendment is necessary to respond to an emergency;
2.   No compliant contractors are capable of providing goods or services that respond to the City's requirements;
3.  The contractor is a public entity;
4.   The requirements are inconsistent with a grant, subvention or agreement with a public agency;
5.   The City is purchasing through a cooperative or joint purchasing agreement;
D.   Requests for waivers of the terms of this Chapter are to be submitted to the Bureau of Purchases in a manner prescribed by the Bureau.  Decisions by the Bureau to issue or deny waivers are final.
E.   The Director may reject an entity's bid or proposal, or terminate a contract, if the Director determines that the entity was set up, or is being used, for the purpose of evading the intent of this Chapter.
F.   The City shall not execute a contract with a contractor unless such contractor has agreed not to discriminate in the provision of employee benefits as provided for in this chapter.

G.  All contracts awarded by the City shall contain provisions developed by the Bureau of Purchases prohibiting discrimination in the provision of employee benefits, including provisions containing appropriate remedies for the breach thereof as prescribed by Section 3.100.054, except as exempted by this chapter or rule.

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