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ENB-19.01 - Permit Ready House Plans


Non-binding City Policy





WHEREAS, the City Council has adopted the Living Smart zoning code amendments.


WHEREAS, in an effort to generate well designed house plans for narrow lots, the Bureau of Development Services hosted a design competition in 2004.  A result of the competition was the publication of the Portland Catalogue of Narrow Lot House Designs that included the 23 juried winners, the four People’s Choice Award winners, the Mayor’s Award and Commissioner Leonard’s Award.


WHEREAS, upon the competition’s completion, the City wanted to take the Living Smart project one step further by providing the public with affordable plan sets of well designed narrow lot houses.  The City contracted with two of the winning designers to develop their designs into complete, Permit Ready House plan sets to be purchased through the City.  The plan sets are attached as Exhibits A and B .


WHEREAS, the adopted Living Smart zoning code amendments defines “Permit Ready” houses as those whose design has been approved by City Council.




NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the house designs attached as Exhibits A and B are accepted by the City Council as Permit Ready House Plans.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, this is a non-binding city policy.




Resolution No. 36391, adopted by City Council March 15, 2006.