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January 17, 2006

Citizen Review Committee
January 17, 2006
Approved February 21, 2006
CRC Members Present:  Hank Miggins (Chair), Gwenn Baldwin, Michael Bigham, Loren Eriksson, Lewellyn Robison, Marcella Red Thunder, Robert Ueland; Jerry Spegman (Vice-Chair) arrived at 5:52 p.m.
City Staff Present:  City Auditor Gary Blackmer, Leslie Stevens (IPR Director), Michael Hess (IPR), Lauri Stewart (IPR), Havilah Ferschweiler (ONI Crime Prevention North Precinct)
PPB Members Present:  Captain Tellis (IAD), Lieutenant Phil Barker (North Precinct), Officer Jason Christensen (North Precinct), Officer Eric Zajac (North Precinct) 
Chair Miggins called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.
I.          Introductions and welcome to community members
II.         Director’s Report
  • Community Outreach.  Lauri met with Police Bureau representatives to discus mediation skills for the Gang Enforcement Team. 
  • Chief’s Forum.  The new Office of Professional Responsibility will include the Early Intervention Program, auditing, and accreditation.  IPR Assistant Director Pete Sandrock and CRC members Loren Eriksson and Lewellyn Robison are on the organizing committee.  
  • Newsletter Update.  A draft of the second newsletter is in place.  Lauri will e-mail the draft to the CRC members for comments.  It is hoped that the Newsletter will serve as an outreach tool for both IPR and CRC.  
  • Draft of set-up procedures for CRC meetings was distributed.
  • No new appeals have been received.
  • No new Police Bureau directives have been issued.
  • CRC selection process (Auditor Gary Blackmer).  As soon as the preliminary reviews are completed, interviews will be scheduled with the top candidates.  Director Stevens, CRC member Bigham, and former CRC member Irma Valdez will serve on the interview panel.  It is hoped that the new members will be in place by the February meeting. 
  • The IAD investigation status sheet was distributed to CRC members.
  • List of proposed upcoming meeting sites and speakers was distributed. 
  • Auditor Blackmer offered to draft a letter regarding IAD staffing and timeliness issues.  Chair Miggins and Ms. Baldwin offered to assist.    
III.       Guest speaker:  Officer Jason Christensen of the North Precinct Neighborhood Resource Team gave a presentation on community police activities in North Portland, including close collaboration with the ONI Crime Prevention Specialist, attending neighborhood meetings and working with neighborhoods and community members to enhance public safety and livability in North Portland.   Lieutenant Barker, Officer Zajak, and Crime Prevention Specialist Ferschweiler added to Officer Christensen’s presentation. 
IV.       Discussion with Community Members.  A community member described an incident in which he was taken to Hooper Detox Center by Portland Police officers.  He expressed his dissatisfaction with the actions of officers who detained and transported him and with the treatment he received from Hooper Detox staff. 
Debbie Aiona of League of Women Voters suggested that CRC write a letter to Multnomah County requesting an audit of Hooper Detox.  Auditor Blackmer commented that it would be better if the letter comes from a citizen.
V.        Approval of minutes of the 12/20/06 CRC meeting:  Ms. Baldwin proposed two additions to the minutes.  Mr. Eriksson moved to accept the minutes as amended, seconded by Ms. Baldwin. The motion passed unanimously. 
VI.       CRC Goals Matrix:  Lewellyn Robison stated that nothing has yet reached completion on the Goals Matrix.
VII.      Work Group Updates
  • Community Advisory Council (CAC) Work Group (Hank Miggins, Chair).  The work group met on 1/11/06 and attempted to bring the process to a conclusion to  where the full CRC could begin getting involved.  The first task is to assign CRC members to specific agencies and groups to which they  would be responsible for sending letters.  Director Stevens offered IPR staff support in the preparation of the letters. Two possible dates were chosen for the first CAC meeting:  April  11 or April 25 at 7:00 p.m. for one hour.   The agenda would include introductions (including what group they represent and what brought them to the meeting) and an explanation of why the CAC is needed.  The full CRC is asked to attend the first meeting.  The location of the meeting has not yet been determined.  At the next Group meeting, which is scheduled for 2/7/06 at 3:00 p.m. in the IPR office, the CAC Work structure of the CAC will be further discussed. 
  • Mediation Work Group. (Gwenn Baldwin, Chair). Work group members have almost finished reviewing mediation cases.  The next meeting will be on 2/8/06 from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Appeals Work Group (Bob Ueland, Chair).   Mr. Ueland was pleased that the meeting set-up procedures had been written.  The process of instituting an Appeal Process Advisor (APA) will be taken up again after Director Stevens has conferred with the City Attorney’s office on the draft protocol. Ms. Robison has drafted a letter to mail to past CRC members, asking if they would be interested in serving willing to serve as process advisors to appellants.  The work group would like to meet with Robert King, President of the Portland Police Association, to discuss ways that the police union can provide the same level of support for police officers as the appellants would receive from an APA.  
VIII.     New Business
  • Chair Miggins stated that the formation of a work group to review the Portland Police tow policy will be postponed until the new CRC members are in place.
  • Mr. Ueland thanked Director Stevens for providing CRC members with the IAD investigation status sheet.  He then suggested that it would be beneficial for one or two CRC members to participate in some of the meetings of the IPR Director and the IAD Captain.  IAD Captain Tellis welcomed this.  Mr. Eriksson and Ms. Robison volunteered to represent the CRC in this effort.  This would not be a work group, and the meetings would not be public, as confidential matters would be discussed.  
    Chair Miggins brought up the issue of a member of the public who at a previous meeting engaged in personal attacks against a CRC member.  Director Stevens stated that the City Attorney’s Office is looking into this. She suggested that if a person becomes disruptive during a meeting, the Chair may call the meeting to order and direct the disruptive person to come to order or leave. If the person continues to be disruptive and refuses to leave, the police may be called to remove the person from the premises.
IX.       Public Comment:  Debbie Aiona (League of Women Voters), Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch); Alan Osborn (League of Women Voters), Freedom Child.
X.        Wrap-up Comments:
  • Revisiting the matter of the Citizen Advisory Council, Mr. Eriksson made a motion that there be two possible dates for the first CAC meetings, April 11 and April 25, at 7:00 p.m., for one hour, and that all CRC members will be asked to attend and will make themselves available to stay and talk with anyone who wants to talk beyond that one hour.  Mr. Bigham seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.
  • Mr. Bigham made a motion regarding the location of the CAC meeting to try to get the Kaiser Town Center on Interstate or schedule the Lovejoy Room for the first proposed date or the Council Chambers for the second proposed date.  Mr. Eriksson seconded the motion.  Ms. Baldwin made a friendly amendment to delegate CAC letter writing and meeting authority to the CAC Work Group.  The friendly amendment was accepted by Mr. Bigham and Mr. Eriksson.  The motion passed unanimously..
Chair Miggins adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m.