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8807 Wastewater Group - Maintenance Engineering

8807‑01    WG, Sewer Maintenance Job Records  

Series is created in response to a sewer maintenance or customer complaint to research issues and determine whether a problem exists. Series is used to document investigations and resolutions (if any) to problems. Records may include copy of complaint, summary of problem, investigation results, solutions, calculations, design material, notes, correspondence, memos, maps, photographs, detail drawings, field notes, sketches, cost estimates, and other related documents. Series includes jobs that are not assigned project numbers.


Confidential?  No                  

Vital Record?   No

Record Copy?   No   



(a)   Records requiring engineering stamps, retain 2 years after life of structure;

(b)   All other records, retain 2 years.


Authority: OAR 166-200-0345(11); OAR 166-200-0345(13)

8807‑04    WG, Collections Systems Maintenance and Management Records (Hansen)

Series is created to control and track the maintenance and repair activities of the wastewater collection system.  It is used to maintain the inventory of the lines, manholes, service lines, and storm inlets; schedule preventive maintenance; maintain a history of activities; and track customer service requests.  Record includes asset location, inventory, work completed, who did it and other related data.


Confidential?  No                                          

Vital Record?  Yes

Record Copy?  Yes  (Business Svcs)             


RETENTION: 5 years after disposal, sale or replacement of equipment or asset.


Authority: OAR 166-200-0345(13)

8807‑05    WG, Outfall Data 

Series is used as a reference to track information about outfalls and is created to keep information about outfalls in a single easily used location. Records include outfall locations, outfall numbers, elevations, inspection data, photographs, maps, pipe size, slope, and other related data.


Confidential?  No                              

Vital Record?  No

Record Copy?  No (Record copy part of 8807-04)                            


RETENTION:  Until obsolete or superseded


Authority: OAR 166-200-0380(7)

8807‑08    WG, Video Records of Sewer Conditions

Series is created to provide a visual record of sewer conditions. Series is used to visually document the condition of sewer pipes to assess need for reconstruction or as supportive data for litigation. Records consist of video images of existing sewer systems showing the interior of pipe.


Confidential?  No                              

Vital Record?   No

Record Copy?  Yes                            


RETENTION: 1 year after information entered into maintenance tracking system (Hansen), or when issue resolved, whichever is longer.


Authority: OAR 166-200-0345(16)(b)

8807-12     WG, Vector Control       

Series documents the steps taken to monitor and control vector species, such as rats and mosquitoes, harbored in the City’s wastewater and stormwater collection and treatment facilities to avoid public health and nuisance impacts to the public. Records consist of copies of IGAs and contracts, program documents, correspondence and other related records. The record copy of IGAs and contracts is maintained in the Auditor’s office.


Confidential?  No                  

Vital Record? No

Record Copy? see description             


RETENTION: 5 years; retain copies of IGAs and contracts as needed


Authority: OAR 166-200-0360(7)(b)

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