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November 15, 2005

Citizen Review Committee
November 15, 2005
(Approved December 20, 2005)
CRC Members Present:  Hank Miggins (Chair), Jerry Spegman (Vice-Chair), Gwenn Baldwin, Michael Bigham, Loren Eriksson, Lewellyn Robison, Marcella Red Thunder, Robert Ueland
City Staff Present:  City Auditor Gary Blackmer, Leslie Stevens  (IPR Director),  Michael Hess (IPR), Lauri Stewart (IPR)
PPB Members Present:  Sergeant Robert King (PPA President), Sergeant Mitchell Copp (PPA Secretary-Treasurer), Captain Tellis – IAD (for pre-hearing), Lieutenant Jay Drum – IAD (for pre-hearing)
Chair Miggins called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.
I.      Introductions and welcome to community members
II.      Director’s Report
  •  Community Outreach.  Since the last CRC meeting, Director Stevens has met with the League of Women Voters, the African American Advisory Council, the Sexual Minority Roundtable, with Commissioners Saltzman and Sten, and with the Arab and Muslim Police Advisory Council.  Lauri Stewart presented a workshop in the Oregon Mediation Association in which an officer and a citizen agreed to talk about their experience in mediation. 
  • Appeals Update.  No new appeals have been filed. 
  • Police Bureau Directives.  There were no new directives issued other than taking one directive on sick leave and merging it into another directive. 
  • Chief’s Forum Update (Lauri Stewart).  Recent discussions have included the Graffiti Abatement Program; CRC recruitment; the recently reported problems involving second-hand stores; crime statistics (crime is down in Portland); drug-free and prostitution-free zones; and a Project 57 update (getting 57 more jail beds so people who are arrested can be kept in custody rather than booked and released).  
  • Newsletter Update.  The first newsletter is ready for limited distribution. 
III.      Message from Auditor Blackmer:  We are trying in many ways to provide an objective, fair and professional analysis of the issues and to foster a better connection between the police and the community.   Mediation is one of the things we have made a strong commitment to, and it has turned out to be a very positive experience for everyone involved.  Our philosophy is that it changes not only the officers but the citizens in their views and attitudes and in their future behavior.   
IV.      Guest speaker:  Mr. Roy Jay made a presentation on the Clean Slate Program, a nationally acclaimed program instituted by the African American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the D.A.’s Office, the Police Bureau, and DMV that allows persons to expunge traffic offenses and minor criminal convictions from their records without paying the fines, in exchange for community service and educational programs.
V.      Discussion with Community Members.  There was an open dialogue between members of the community and the CRC
VI.      Approval of minutes of the 11/15/05 meeting:  Loren Eriksson made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Bob Ueland.  The motion passed 7-0, with Gwenn Baldwin abstaining as she was not present at the meeting.  
VII.      CRC Goals Matrix:  Lewellyn Robison went over the Goals Matrix regarding progress made on specific goals and strategies.
VIII.      Pre-hearing.  IPR/IAD #2003-C-0490 (CRC #2005-X-0004)  The appellant alleged that a Portland Police officer arrested him without cause and took him to Old Town Precinct, where he was later released.   Neither the appellant nor the officers were present for the pre-hearing.  Gwenn Baldwin made a motion to schedule the appeal for a full hearing.  Marcella Red Thunder seconded the motion.  After discussion, the motion passed by a vote of 6-2.
Yes:  Baldwin, Eriksson, Miggins, Red Thunder, Robison, Spegman
No:   Bigham, Ueland
IX.      Input on mediator’s recommendations for hearings and pre-hearings:  the majority of the recommendations have already been instituted or are being considered by the Appeals Work Group.
X.      Work Group Updates
  • Appeals Work Group (Bob Ueland, Chair).   Mr. Ueland presented the draft protocol for the Appeals Process Advisor to the full committee, but further discussion was deferred until assuring that officers are also provided a similar type of support for pre-hearings and hearings.  Mr. Ueland agreed to invite a Portland Police Association representative to the next meeting of the Appeals Work Group. 
  • Community Advisory Council (CAC) Work Group (Hank Miggins, Chair).  The work group met on 11/9/05 to finalize the contact list of community groups.
  • Mediation Work Group. (Gwenn Baldwin, Chair). Work group members are preparing to review randomly selected mediation cases.
  • Policy Work Group (Hank Miggins, Chair).  The top ten and top three policies were identified.  Formation of a Tow Policey Work Group will be discussed at the January CRC meeting. 
XI.      CRC Goals Matrix:  Lewellyn Robison reviewed progress made on specific goals and strategies.
XII.      Bob Ueland made a motion to request that the IAD Captain and/or Lieutenant and Commander Benson attend the December 20 CRC hearing.  Michael Bigham seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.
XIII.      New Business.
  • Loren Eriksson and Lewellyn Robison gave an update on the Early Intervention System.  The Police Bureau has brought in an outside consultant to assist in building the system.  The initial stages of the implementation process are due to begin early in 2006.
  • Chair Miggins addressed Richard Koenig’s ongoing issue regarding the legality of driver’s licenses.  Mr. Miggins stated that he had spoken with Mr. Koenig and requested that Mr. Koenig provide him with an information packet that CRC could forward to the District Attorney’s Office.  However, since Mr. Koenig was not present, this was not done. 
XIV.      Public Comment:  Debbie Aiona (League of Women Voters), Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch)
Chair Miggins adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.