Chapter 26.06 Inspection

26.06.010 Required Inspections.

All electrical installations requiring an electrical permit shall be subject to inspection.  Work shall not be covered prior to inspection.  The Bureau may inspect electrical installations in the following sequence or at such other times deemed necessary to obtain compliance with this Title.

A.  Temporary service completion.

B.  Underground or underfloor.

C.  Prior to cover (ceiling and wall).

D.  Service.

E.  Final or completed installation.

26.06.020 Other Inspections.

In addition to the required inspections specified in Section 26.06.010, the Director may make or require other inspections of any electrical installation to ascertain compliance with this Title.

26.06.030 Scope of Inspectors’ Duties.

Inspectors inspect electrical installations and provide public information on the meanings or applications of electrical code provisions, but do not lay out work or act as consultants for electrical contractors, property owners or users.

26.06.040 Inspection Requests.

It is the responsibility of the person doing the work authorized by the permit to notify the Bureau when the work is ready for inspection.  A person requesting an inspection shall ensure access and means for the Bureau to perform the required inspection.  The Director or City shall not be liable for expenses entailed in removal or replacement of any material required for inspection.

26.06.050 Corrections.

A.  The Bureau shall provide written notice of corrections required to be made to defective electrical wiring, equipment or installations.  Notice of correction shall be placed on the premises, the electrical panel box, or such other conspicuous place as the Director may determine.  In addition the Bureau shall send a duplicate of the correction notice by mail or FAX to the person responsible for the work.

Corrections shall be completed and an inspection requested within 20 calendar days of the correction notice.  Extensions may be granted by the Bureau for reasonable cause.  Failure to complete corrections and request an inspection within the time provided may result in the Bureau gaining compliance by:

1.  Any of the remedies outlined in Section 3.30.015; or,

2.  Revoking the permit.

B.  If the premises affected become vacant, the premises shall not be occupied for dwelling purposes until necessary permits are obtained, corrections are completed, and the corrections are inspected and approved by the Bureau. 

26.06.060 Electrical Connections.

Connecting electrical installations to an electrical supply source shall be done only after approval by the Bureau.  Such inspection approval is identified by the City ofPortland Electrical Inspection Record initialed by the Director and posted on the panel box or other conspicuous place.

Exceptions: An electrical installation under this Title may be legally energized prior to inspection provided:

A.  An emergency service tag, issued by the Bureau, is attached to the installation.  These tags may only be issued to and used by Oregon licensed electrical contractors.  The electrical contractor shall request an inspection prior to or immediately after attaching the tag to the installation.  When signed by the contractor or authorized representative and bearing a number issued by the Bureau, the tag will authorize the electrical utility to make connections pending final approval by the Director; or,

B.  The electrical contractor is performing minor electrical work utilizing a valid minor installation label or when the installation is under an Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program.

26.06.070 Electrical Reconnections.

When a building has been vacant and the power has been off for 6 months, the Director shall inspect the building prior to reconnection of power.  A reconnection permit fee shall be paid prior to the inspection.

26.06.080 Reinspection.

A reinspection may be required, and a reinspection fee may be assessed, if any of the following conditions exist:

A.  Access to the work to be inspected is unobtainable or denied upon arrival of the Director; or,
B.  Unapproved installation has been covered in a manner which prevents the Director from determining compliance with this Title; or,
C.  Corrections required from a previous inspection have not been completed; or,
D.  Work has not been started or is substantially incomplete.

26.06.090 Inspections in Other Jurisdictions of Custom-Built Electrical Products.

Electrical products intended for use within the City shall meet the requirements of this Title even when fabricated in another jurisdiction.  The Director may require in-plant or on-site inspection of the fabricating process to ensure acceptability of the finished fabrication for use within the City.

Such in-plant or on-site inspection costs as determined by the Director shall be paid by the product fabricator prior to Bureau authorization for product use within the City.