POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Griffin-Valade Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 20 Parks Chapter 20.28 Rental Charges for Civic Stadium
Chapter 20.28 Rental Charges for Civic Stadium

20.28.010 Basic Rental Charges.

(Repealed by Ordinance No. 185569, effective September 28, 2012.)

20.28.020 Insurance Coverage.

Sponsors of events in Portland Civic Stadium shall maintain liability insurance against claims for damage or personal injury, including death, which may arise out of its operations in the stadium or in connection therewith. Such insurance shall afford coverage of not less than $100,000 for personal injury to each person, $300,000 for each accident or occurrence, and $50,000 for property damage; such insurance shall be without prejudice to coverage otherwise existing and shall name as additional insured the City, its officers, agents, and employees. Evidence of such insurance shall be furnished the Auditor of the City prior to the event and the same shall be kept in full force and effect throughout the full term of Stadium usage, subject to approval of the City Attorney as to sufficiency of coverage.

20.28.030 Restriction of Use.

A. Whenever, in the opinion of the Commissioner In Charge of the Civic Stadium or of the Council of the City, any applicant or permittee for the use of the Civic Stadium is likely to or does advocate to any audience in the Stadium the overthrow of the United States government or the government of any state or subdivision thereof by force, and when such Commissioner shall file a report with the City Auditor to that effect, or when the Council shall make a finding to that effect, then the application shall be rejected or the permit of such permittee for the rental of said Stadium is hereby declared to be null and void. All permits for the rental of the Civic Stadium hereafter entered into shall be subject to the provisions of this Chapter, and this Chapter shall be a part of such permit of rental. In case of the annulment of any permit as herein provided, the amount of rental paid thereunder, less any expense actually incurred thereunder by the City, shall be refunded to the permittee.

B. Use of the Civic Stadium shall be deemed a privilege and not a right. Subject to the approval of the Commissioner In Charge, the Manager of the Civic Stadium may reject any application for rental of all or any portion of the Stadium whenever he finds that the particular event or performance may result in extraordinary risk of damage to the Stadium structure, furnishings, or facilities. If the Commissioner In Charge finds that such risk is of a character that special conditions may adequately protect the people of the City and the City itself from liability and loss, whether by penal bond, money deposit, special security measures at the expense of the applicant for rental, or other device, without other events and rentals, then the Commissioner In Charge may impose such special restrictions and requirements as he finds appropriate and adequate for such protection. The conditions of any such deposit or special requirements and the provisions of any such bond, shall be approved as to form by the City Attorney.

20.28.040 Collection of Rentals.

All rental charges and reimbursements for expenses chargeable to sponsors of events shall be due upon billing from the City Auditor.