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Most Recent Audit Reports

from the Audit Services Division


City Procurement: Contracting process needs Council intervention (Report 446A) - 6/24/15 (PDF Document, 799kb) An audit of the City's contracting and procurement processes

Surplus Real Property: Policy, central management, and inventory of real property holdings needed (Report #461) - 4/2/15 (PDF Document, 1,273kb) An audit of the City of Portland's surplus real estate

City Attorney's Office: Good practices in place; next steps include strategic plan, measures, and post-contract evaluations (Report #459) - 3/11/15 (PDF Document, 718kb) An audit of the City Attorney's Office best practices 

Police Training Division: Progress made, but evaluating impacts on officer performance must be improved (Report 457) - 3/3/15 (PDF Document, 476kb) An audit of the Portland Police Bureau's training division  

Portland Children's Levy: Funds benefit children but goals and structure should be clarified (Report 468) - 2/24/15 (PDF Document, 283kb) A performance audit of Portland Children's Levy

City Budget Process: Timing, roles, and decision-making need improvement (Report 455) - 2/11/15 (PDF Document, 573kb)  An audit of the City Budget Office and the budget process

Portland Streetcar: City transit targets unmet, better performance management needed (Report 451B) - 12/11/14 (PDF Document, 957kb) An audit of Portland Streetcar's performance management

Bureau of Technology Services: City fails to comply with payment card industry standard (Report 460A) - 11/18/14 (PDF Document, 332kb) An audit of the Bureau of Technology Services, and the security of payment card services

City of Portland 24th annual community survey results (Report 463) - 10/29/14 (PDF Document, 409kb) The 2014 results of the annual Community Survey of Portland residents

B.E.S. Columbia Building: Scope additions and ineffective design oversight led to substantially higher project costs (Report 446B) - 10/22/14 (PDF Document, 1,769kb) An audit of design, construction and costs of the Columbia Building at the Portland Wastewater Treatment Plant campus

Audit of the Auditor - 2014 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (Report 456) - 10/2/14 (PDF Document, 1,282kb) Peer Review of the Audit Services Division's work over the past three years

East Portland: History of City services examined (Report 435) - 4/23/14 (PDF Document, 2,177kb) An audit of East Portland services

Building Permits: Extension practices inconsistent; documentation lacking (Report 420B) - 4/3/14 (PDF Document, 1,078kb) An audit of building permit practices in the Bureau of Development Services

Sexual Assault Response: Progress made toward a victim-centered approach (Report 445) - 2/25/14 (PDF Document, 940kb) An audit of the City's process for responding to victims of sexual assault

City of Portland 23rd Annual Community Survey Results (Report 450) - 10/30/13 (PDF Document, 426kb) The 2013 results of the annual Community Survey of Portland residents

Human Capital Management Software: Most modules now implemented, but additional costs exceed $3 million (Report 437) - 10/16/13 (PDF Document, 395kb) An audit of the City's implementation of HCM software within the SAP business system

Residential and Commercial Inspections: Strengthen oversight and management practices; document procedures (Report 420A) - 9/25/13 (PDF Document, 1,382kb) An audit of commercial and residential inspections in the Bureau of Development Services

Portland Parks and Recreation: Managing diverse assets requires evaluation of maintenance (Report 439) - 8/14/13 (PDF Document, 951kb) An audit of the Portland Parks and Recreation maintenance program

Emergency Communications: Training, quality control and procedures warrant improvement (Report 430) - 7/15/13 (PDF Document, 1,152kb) An audit of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC)

Transition Report: Key risks for City Council (Report 438) - 7/11/13 (PDF Document, 1,331kb) And audit highlighting risk areas for City Council to address

Emergency Management: Coordination improved and most essential functions complete (Report 441) - 6/24/13 (PDF Document, 221kb) An audit of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management 

Portland's Fiscal Sustainability and Financial Condition: Long-term financial position needs attention (Report 443) - 6/19/13 (PDF Document, 772kb) An audit of the City's fiscal sustainability and financial condition

Portland Development Commission: Records management systems in place, but support and direction needed (Report 442) - 4/30/2013 (PDF Document, 318kb) An audit of PDC's records management systems

Public Safety Systems Revitalization Program: Management problems impact cost and schedule goals (Report 422) - 4/4/2013  (PDF Document, 510kb) An audit of the PSSRP program costs, schedule and governance

Urban Services Policy and Resolution A: Core City services not articulated; 30-year-old commitments obsolete (Report 433) - 3/26/2013 (PDF Document, 358kb)  An audit to assess the current-day relevancy of the City's Urban Services Policy and Multnomah County's Resolution A

Street Pavement: Condition shows need for better stewardship (Report 432) - 2/19/2013 (PDF Document, 606kb) An audit of street pavement condition

Transportation Funding: Revenues up, spending on maintenance down (Report 436) - 1/30/2013 (PDF Document, 174kb) An audit of City transportation revenues and expenditures










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