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Thank you for visiting my website where you can learn more about the projects and issues I address as a Portland City Commissioner.  I remain committed to investing in our children and fostering the principles of sustainability to enhance our quality of life.  It is also a priority for me to decrease the costs of government while increasing economic opportunity for all Portlanders. Please explore my site to learn more.


Please contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, or ideas about any issue that matters to you and our community.  Thank you for stopping by, and please come back soon!




 Latest News and Announcements


9/24/15 State of Housing Report & Policy Initiatives to Address Housing Crisis

Next week at City Council we will have a chance to share the State of Housing Report with you. It will not become public until tomorrow afternoon when the Council Agenda is posted at this link: http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?c=26997


We as a City have accomplished a lot—there are over 1,100 affordable units in the pipeline right now—but clearly we have much work to do.


In broad strokes, I wanted to share with you the numerous ways we are working to tackle the affordable housing crisis in Portland. These initiatives have been in the pipeline for some time or have been discussed in Council in various forms. But our phones continue to ring with questions and our email inbox continues to fill with stories of our fellow Portlanders suffering the effects of this tight rental market. Portland is facing some of the highest rental increases in the nation. People are afraid they will be priced out or otherwise displaced from their neighborhood. They are wrestling with Portland’s growth and the impact of infill development on their daily lives. Their stories are living proof of how the lack of housing or housing instability affects mental health and well-being.


Following the State of Housing Report, we have a series of items coming to Council soon related to housing I want you to know about:

  • TIF SET-ASIDE INCREASE. At a Council Work Session October 6th Council will discuss a potential increase in the set-aside percentage for affordable housing. I believe we can and must do more with our set-aside funds for affordable housing. A hearing is planned on October 21st with budget and policy adjustments I hope all my colleagues can support.
  • FIRST-STEP TENANT PROTECTIONS. As I announced last week, on October 7th I will present what I hope are the first in a series of new tenant protections. We need to act quickly to put reasonable protections in place now for renters and their families and I believe the extension of notification time for no cause termination of tenancies and for exorbitant rent increases are prudent and expedient protections we can fast-track.
  • LINKAGE FEE FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING.  On October 28th I will be asking for Council support to initiate a study to assess the impacts that commercial and residential development have on the need for affordable housing. This study – a “nexus” study – will calculate that impact in terms of a linkage fee that the City could adopt on all new development. This is a significant piece of solving the affordable housing funding problem that has been facing our City for years.
  • SUPPORT FOR LOW-INCOME RENTERS. The impact of high vacancy rates and increasing rents have a disproportionate effect on the ability of Section 8 voucher holders to find and secure rental housing. In partnership with Home Forward, we are proposing a three-fold solution that will require joint funding from both entities. Getting low-income renters with vouchers into units is of utmost importance and I have urged my colleagues to support this funding request.
  • EVICTION PREVENTION. I will also be asking them to support in the upcoming Fall budget adjustment, a fund for victims of domestic violence and their children to retain their housing and prevent them from entering homelessness. Forty-five percent of homeless women in the last street count indicated they had been effected by domestic violence.


I want to thank my council colleagues and the Multnomah County Commission for their support of the recent changes to the MULTE program. We expect 200 new units from this program to be online quickly. In addition, this Spring we will also have a chance to adapt our FAR Bonus Program which will provide significant funding for affordable housing and new units.


I hope this information is helpful to you as Council takes up these and other issues related to the affordable housing crisis in the coming months.


As always please feel free to reach out any time to my office by calling (503) 823-4151 or emailing me at dan@portlandoregon.gov




Dan Saltzman


9/16/15 Press Release: Commissioner Saltzman Proposes New Protections for Portland Renters



Stacy Brewster, Office of Commissioner Dan Saltzman

(503) 823-4151, stacy.brewster@portlandoregon.gov


Commissioner Dan Saltzman Proposes New Protections for Portland Renters

(September 16, 2015) – City Commissioner Dan Saltzman announced today he will introduce new tenant protections for Portland renters.


“Portland renters need additional protections,” stated Saltzman. “Our city is experiencing record low vacancy rates coupled with record high rents, creating the perfect storm of housing uncertainty for many Portland families.”


Commissioner Saltzman will introduce protections for Portland renters by increasing the notification time that renters have for “no cause evictions”. Currently renters who have rented for less than a year only receive 30 days notice if a landlord chooses to terminate their tenancy for no cause - the new proposed Portland policy would increase this notice to 90 days. 


“Many families are getting notices to vacate their rental housing with just 30 day notice and that’s just not enough time for them to find a new place to live, let alone try to keep their kids in the same school,” stated Saltzman.


The proposed renter protections would also increase the notification time when a landlord raises rents by more than 10 percent in a 12-month period. “Renters need more advance notice of rental increases, 30 days is hardly adequate for renters to budget for the exorbitant rental increases many families are facing,” Saltzman said.


“Dan is right. Protections for renters are entwined in the city’s values of equity and affordability. I applaud his proposals,” stated Mayor Charlie Hales.


Commissioner Saltzman will introduce the proposed renter protections next month at a City Council hearing.

7/14/15 Press Release: Commissioner Saltzman Announces New Housing Bureau Director


Stacy Brewster, Office of Commissioner Dan Saltzman
503-823-4151, Stacy.Brewster@portlandoregon.gov


Commissioner Saltzman Appoints New Housing Bureau Director


(July 14, 2015) – Commissioner Dan Saltzman announced today his appointment of Kurt Creager as the new Director of the Portland Housing Bureau.


“Kurt Creager is a proven leader in both the private and public sector in the field of affordable housing,” stated Saltzman. “He brings substantial policy and resource development experience, as well as a proven track record of the development of thousands of units of affordable housing.”


Creager’s appointment follows a national recruitment to fill the position. Commissioner Saltzman and his team, bureau employees, representatives from partner organizations and community members were part of the selection process.


Commissioner Saltzman sought a Director with strong leadership skills, experience in affordable housing policy and resource development, public and private sector experience, management and a commitment to equity. “Kurt brings a creative approach and skill-set Portland needs to increase our supply of affordable housing.”


Kurt has served as the Director of Housing and Community Development in Fairfax County, Virginia; the Director of Housing and Community Development for Otak, a Portland-based design firm; and the Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Housing Authority in Vancouver, WA. He held similar positions previously with Arizona State University and Metro King County.

Creager earned a B.S. in Environmental Planning & Architectural Graphics from Western Washington University and completed the Kennedy School of Government State & Local Public Executive Program at Harvard University.


 “I am honored to be leading the Portland Housing Bureau,” said Kurt Creager. “I look forward to aiding community stakeholders, affordable housing developers and policy makers in the creation and preservation of affordable housing throughout the City.”


He will assume his duties on August 10, 2015.




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