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About the City Auditor

City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero


City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero

About Mary

Mary Hull Caballero is the elected Auditor for the City of Portland, taking office in January 2015. She previously worked as a performance auditor at Metro Regional Government in Portland and the Oregon Department of Transportation. Prior to entering the auditing field, Mary co-founded and managed a public policy leadership development organization and was a newspaper reporter. She holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. She received her undergraduate degree in Communication from Lewis and Clark College. Mary is a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Government Auditing Professional.


About the Office of the City Auditor

Portland has had an elected City Auditor since 1868. The City Auditor is the sixth elected official in City government, along with the Mayor and four City Commissioners. As an auditor that is accountable to the voters of Portland, the City Auditor is administratively independent from the Mayor and other City Council members. This allows the Office of the City Auditor to audit City government departments and programs, as well as provide other services that require independence and neutrality.


As Portland’s City Auditor, Mary heads the 50-member Office of the City Auditor and its eight divisions, which are responsible for conducting performance audits of City operations, serving as the City Council Clerk, preparing the City Council agenda, managing City records and archives, providing hearings officers to adjudicate appeals of City actions, managing City elections, handling complaints against the City (through the City Ombudsman’s Office and the Independent Police Review Division), working with financing of Local Improvement Districts, and administering foreclosures of City liens on property.


Office Mission

To promote open and accountable government by providing independent and impartial reviews, access to public information, and service for City government and the public. 


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