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The Council Agenda is the weekly list of items to come before the City Council.  The agenda is available after 4:00 pm each Friday for the following week's Council meetings.  


Individual items to the agenda will be linked as they become available.  These items are only a convenience copy and will not reflect any changes made during Council meetings.   


Final Council documents available in Efiles:  Council Records link




Council Agenda for SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 (Printable version)



City Hall  -  1221 SW Fourth Avenue



 953  Request of Dan Handelman to address Council  regarding meeting with the Mayor and police accountability concerns  (Communication)


 954    Request of Regina Hannon to address Council regarding meeting with the Mayor and police accountability concerns  (Communication)


 955  Request of Barbara Ross to address Council regarding the need for a strong and clear police accountability system and the Mayor's role  (Communication)


 956  Request of Carol Landsman to address Council regarding meeting with the Mayor and police accountability   concerns  (Communication)


 957  Request of Mike Tabor to address Council regarding meeting with the Mayor and police accountability concerns  (Communication)



 958  TIME CERTAIN: 9:30 AM – Declare intent to   initiate local improvement district formation proceedings to create a local   improvement district to construct street, sidewalk and stormwater   improvements in the SW 45th Ave and California St Local   Improvement District  (Resolution   introduced by Commissioner Novick; C-10048)  30 minutes requested for items 958 and 959


 959  Amend ordinance to modify the conditions of   approval and revise the legal description for the vacation of a portion of SW   46th Ave and a portion of SW Florida St subject to certain conditions and   reservations  (Ordinance introduced by   Commissioner Novick; amend Ordinance No. 185174; VAC-10070)


 960  TIME CERTAIN: 10:15 AM – Appeal of   Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association and Hilary Mackenzie against Hearings   Officer’s decision to approve a conditional use review and an environmental   review for proposed development at the Portland Japanese Garden at 400 SW   Kingston Avenue  (Introduced by   Commissioner Fritz; Previous Agenda 904; Adopt Findings;  LU 14-122172 CU EN)  10 minutes requested


     Hearings Officer's Decision     Decision Attachments


 961  TIME CERTAIN: 10:30 AM – City Fleet   awarded national recognition as a   Certified Fleet Management Operation    (Presentation introduced by Mayor Hales)  15 minutes requested





Mayor Charlie   Hales

*962  Authorize   the Mayor to enter into a Funding and Participation Agreement with the   Portland Harbor Natural Resource Trustees to pursue settlement of natural   resource damages relating to the Superfund Site  (Ordinance)


Bureau of   Planning & Sustainability

*963  Amend   Intergovernmental Agreement with Metro to accept an additional $44,741 in   grant funds for the Construction Excise Tax Grant - Mixed Use Zoning   Project  (Ordinance; amend Contract No.   30003798)


Office of   Management and Finance

*964  Pay   claim of Cleon Harris in the sum of $78,685 involving the Portland Fire   Bureau  (Ordinance)



Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Position   No. 3

Portland Housing   Bureau

965  Approve, deny and terminate limited tax   exemptions for properties under the Homebuyer Opportunity and Multiple-Unit   Limited Tax Exemption Programs    (Resolution)



Commissioner Steve Novick

Position   No. 4

Bureau of   Emergency Management

*966  Authorize application to the Rockefeller Foundation for a grant in the amount of   $1,000,000 to develop and implement a citywide resilience plan, become an integrated member of the 100 Resilient Cities Network, and create a Chief Resilience Officer within City government    (Ordinance)



Commissioner Amanda Fritz

 Position No. 1

Portland Parks   & Recreation  

*967  Accept   a $40,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Education and authorize a price   agreement with Centennial School District for the Afterschool At-Risk Meal   and Snack Program  (Ordinance)



Commissioner Nick Fish

Position   No. 2

Bureau of   Environmental Services

*968  Accept   a grant in the amount of $200,000 from the State of Oregon Department of   Environmental Quality for the Lower Columbia Slough Refugia Project  (Ordinance)


*969  Accept and appropriate a grant in the amount of $20,320 from Oregon Business   Development Department for brownfield project cleanup planning  (Ordinance)



City Auditor LaVonne   Griffin-Valade

*970  Assess   property for system development charge contracts and private plumbing loan   contracts and safety net loan deferral contracts  (Ordinance; Z0806, K0149, T0160, T0162,   W0037, P0128, Z1196, K0150, T0163, Z0807, W0038, P0129)





Mayor Charlie   Hales

Office of   Management and Finance

 971  Amend Code relating to franchises, public utility privilege taxes and Utility License Law for consistency and clarity  (Ordinance; replace Code   Chapter 7.12 and amend Section 7.14.040)



Commissioner Steve Novick

Position   No. 4

Bureau of   Transportation

*972  Authorize contracts as required with 15 technical and expert service firms for on-call architecture and engineering services in support of the Portland Bureau of   Transportation  (Previous Agenda 949)


*973  Authorize contracts as required with eight service firms for Right of Way Appraisal and   Acquisition and Relocation projects that are funded through Federal Aid  (Previous Agenda 950)



Commissioner Nick Fish

Position   No. 2

Bureau of   Environmental Services

 974  Amend Intergovernmental Agreement with U.S.   Fish and Wildlife Service in the amount of $62,577 to collect and analyze   data from the Tryon Creek basin and other watersheds  (Second Reading Agenda 947; amend Contract   No. 30001882)


 975  Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement   with Oregon State University in an amount not to exceed $11,500 to process   and analyze data from Portland watersheds    (Second Reading Agenda 948)


 976  Authorize contracts with Brown and Caldwell,   Inc., Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Inc. and Murray, Smith & Associates,   Inc. for professional engineering services to continue the Sewer System   Rehabilitation Program: Project No. E10031, Phase 2 Pipe Rehabilitation;   E10500, Phase 3 Pipe Rehabilitation; and E10576, Large Diameter Sewer   Rehabilitation; for a total of $9,000,000    (Second Reading Agenda 951)


Water Bureau

 977  Authorize a contract and provide payment   for the construction phase of the Well Site Improvements Project at an estimated   cost of $750,000  (Second Reading 952)



City Auditor LaVonne   Griffin-Valade

 978  Assess property for sidewalk repair for the   Bureau of Maintenance  (Hearing;   Ordinance; Y1084)  15 minutes requested





 979  TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM – City Club report   on sewer and water utilities:  Rising   Rates and Customer Concerns  (Report   introduced by Mayor Hales)  1 hour   requested


 980  TIME CERTAIN: 3:00 PM – Establish annual   cap on estimated foregone revenue for the Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemption   Program  (Resolution introduced by   Commissioner Saltzman)  20 minutes   requested for items 980-983


 981  Approve application under the Multiple-Unit   Limited Tax Exemption Program for Block 67 located at E Burnside St and NE   Couch St between NE 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave    (Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Saltzman)


 982  Approve application under the Multiple-Unit   Limited Tax Exemption Program for Block 8L located at NW Naito Parkway and   1st Ave between NW Couch St and Davis St    (Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Saltzman)


 983  Approve application under the Multiple-Unit   Limited Tax Exemption Program for Riverscape Lot 1 located at NW Front Ave   and NW 15th Ave  (Ordinance introduced   by Commissioner Saltzman)



NOTE:  “Time Certain” indicates that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time specified.


    Communications items are three minutes each.  Regular Agenda items taking longer than five minutes have the time estimate noted next to the item.


  The * indicates an emergency ordinance, which takes effect immediately if passed.  Non-emergency ordinances require two readings and a 30-day waiting period before taking effect.  Resolutions, reports, etc., adopted by Council are effective after adjournment.


  The above summary is published by the City Auditor as provided by Section 2-113 of the Charter and Ordinance No. 130672.


  Council Chambers is equipped with a sound system for the hearing impaired. Assisted listening devices are available from the Clerk.


  The City of Portland will gladly accommodate requests for an interpreter or make other accommodations that further inclusivity.  Please make your request at least 48 hours before the meeting to the Council Clerk 823-4086. (TTY 503-823-6868).


   City Council meetings can be viewed at http://www.portlandoregon.gov/video.   

The meetings are also cablecast on CityNet 30, Portland Community Media television.


                                                                      LaVonne Griffin-Valade

                                                                      Auditor of the City of Portland





Testimony is taken on all Agenda items except Communications and Second Readings.  To testify, sign up on a testimony sheet as you enter Council Chambers on the day of the meeting.  Individuals have 3 minutes to testify, unless otherwise stated at the meeting. 


Written testimony may be emailed or mailed to the Council Clerk prior to the meeting.


To schedule a Communication, email or mail your request to the Council Clerk.

Include your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the subject you will be addressing.  For full details, see Testimony Policies and procedures. http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?&a=63123&c=34447


Clerk Email: karla.moore-love@portlandoregon.gov

US Mail: Council Clerk, 1221 SW Fourth Ave., Room 130, Portland OR  97204




Declaration Required by Lobbyists.  Portland City Code 2.12.060 states:  Prior to offering public testimony before City officials, at the beginning of any meetings or phone calls with City officials, or in emails and letters to City officials, a lobbyist must declare which lobbying entity he or she is authorized to represent for that communication.



“Be a part of the picture…get involved with your City…volunteer for a City of Portland Board or Commission.  For more information, a brochure, or a volunteer application, stop by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement in City Hall or call 503-823-4519.”



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