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Environment (Built) Policies & Admin Rules

Environment (Built)

Urban Services (view all)

Regulatory Improvement (view all)
- ENB-2.01 - Initial Regulatory Improvement Workplan Implementation
- ENB-2.02 - "Top Ten" Regulatory Code Improvement List and Code Maintenance List (FY 2002-03)
- ENB-2.03 - Regulatory Improvement Workplan: Workplan Elements for FY 2003-2004
- ENB-2.04 - Process to Resolve Development Review Delays
- ENB-2.05 - Regulatory Improvement Workplan Progress Report
- ENB-2.06 - Memorandum of Understanding Between Bureau of Development Services and Office of Neighborhood Involvement
- ENB-2.07 - Memorandum of Understanding Between the Bureau of Planning and the Bureau of Development Services
- ENB-2.08 - Agreement For Development Services Functions Between The Bureau Of Development Services And The Bureau Of Environmental Services
- ENB-2.09 - Agreement For Development Services Functions Between The Bureau Of Development Services And The Bureau Of Fire, Rescue And Emergency Services
- ENB-2.10 - Agreement For Development Services Functions Between The Bureau Of Development Services And The Bureau Of Parks And Recreation
- ENB-2.11 - Agreement For Development Services Functions Between The Bureau Of Development Services And The Portland Office Of Transportation
- ENB-2.12 - Agreement For Development Services Functions Between The Bureau Of Development Services And The Bureau Of Water Works
- ENB-2.13 - Memorandum of Understanding Between Bureau of Development Services and Office of Neighborhood Involvement (FY 2005-06)
- ENB-2.14 - Major Projects Group Program Fees

Land Divisions

Sewer, Stormwater & Erosion Control (view all)
- ENB-4.01 - Stormwater Management Manual
- ENB-4.02 - Sewer Maintenance Under Streetcar Tracks
- ENB-4.03 - Sanitary Discharge and Pretreatment Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.04 - Odor Control Policy for Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant
- ENB-4.05 - System Development Charges Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.06 - Sanitary Sewer Line and Branch Connection Charges
- ENB-4.07 - Sewer Development Services Programs
- ENB-4.08 - BES Sewer Backflow Device Reimbursement Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.09 - Sewer and Drainage System User Charges Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.10 - Erosion and Sediment Control Manual
- ENB-4.11 - Recovering the Costs of Engineering and Superintendence Services for Public Sewer Improvement Projects During the Construction Phase
- ENB-4.12 - Septage Hauler Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.13 - Administrative Rules for Discharges to the City Storm Sewer and Drainage System
- ENB-4.14 - Sewer and Drainage Facilities Design Manual
- ENB-4.15 - BES Enforcement Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.16 - BES Clean River Rewards Stormwater Discount Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.17 - Sanitary System Connection Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.18 - Mandatory Sewer Connection Program
- ENB-4.19 - Green Streets Policy and Green Streets Cross-Bureau Phase 2 Report
- ENB-4.20 - Sewer and Drainage Rates and Charges
- ENB-4.21 - Downspout Disconnection Program
- ENB-4.22 - BES Public Works Enforcement Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.23 - Treebate Program
- ENB-4.25 - Extra Strength Charge Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.26 - Fats, Oils, and Grease Removal Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.27 - Nonconforming Sewer Conversion Program
- ENB-4.28 - BES Financial Assistance Programs
- ENB-4.29 - BES Connection Permit Refund Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.30 - BES Title 10 Discharge Enforcement Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.31 - Maintenance Inspection Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.32 - BES Sub-Meter Program Administrative Rules
- ENB-4.33 - BES Branch CIPP Lining Administrative Rules
- See Also Erosion Control Plan Review and Inspection Requirements
- See Also Private Sewers in the Public Right-of-Way
- See Also Watershed Health

Noise Control (view all)

Local Improvement Districts (view all)

Measure 37 Claims (view all)

Nuisance Abatement (view all)

Green Building (view all)

Long Range Planning (view all)

Community & Neighborhood Planning (view all)
- ENB-11.01 - Albina Community Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.02 - Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.03- Boise Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.04 - Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Site Review Criteria
- ENB-11.05 - Bridgeton Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.06 - Buckman Neighborhood Design Guidelines
- ENB-11.07 - Centennial Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.08 - Central City Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.09 - Concordia Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.10 - Creston Kenilworth Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.11 - Cully/Parkrose Community Design Guidelines
- ENB-11.12 - Downtown Community Association Residential Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.13 - Eliot Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.14 - Foster-Powell Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.15 - Goose Hollow Station Community Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.16 - Guild's Lake Industrial Sanctuary Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.17 - Hazelwood Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.18 - Hillsdale Town Center Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.19 - Hollywood and Sandy Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.20 - Humboldt Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.21 - Irvington Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.22 - Kenton Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.23 - King Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.24 - Lents Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.25 - Marquam Hill Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.26 - Mill Park Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.27 - Montavilla Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.28 - Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighbhorhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.29 - Northwest District Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.30 - Outer Southeast Business Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.31 - Outer Southeast Community Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.32 - Peninsula Drainage District No. 1 Natural Resource Management Plan Actions
- ENB-11.33 - Piedmont Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.34 - Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.35 - Portsmouth Neighborhood Plan Action Charts and Design Guidelines
- ENB-11.36 - Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.37 - Richmond Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.38 - River District Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.39 - Sabin Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.40 - Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.41 - South Tabor Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.42 - South Waterfront Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.43 - Sunnyside Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.44 - University District Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.45 - West End Action Chart
- ENB-11.46 - Woodlawn Neighborhood Plan Action Charts
- ENB-11.47 - Woodstock Neighborhood Action Charts
- ENB-11.48 - Columbia South Shore Natural Resource Protection Plan Mitigation Guidelines and Actions
- ENB-11.49 - Opportunity Gateway Concept Plan and Redevelopment Strategy
- ENB-11.50 - Cully-Concordia Community Assessment and Action Plan
- ENB-11.51 - East Portland Action Plan
- ENB-11.52 - N/NE Quadrant Plan and I-5 Broadway-Weidler Facility Plan
- ENB-11.53 - Old Town/Chinatown Five-Year Action Plan and Modifications to System Development Charge Exemption Program
- ENB-11.54 - West Quadrant Plan
- ENB-11.55 - Broadway Corridor Framework Plan

Assessments & Liens (view all)

Development Services Administrative Policies & Procedures (view all)

Development Services Fee Schedules (view all)

Special Inspection Program (view all)

New Transit Supportive Residential or Mixed Use Development

Urban Renewal Areas (view all)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Portland Enterprise Zone (view all)

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