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Charter, Code & Policies
City Code & Charter
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Portland Policy Documents
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City Charter, City Code & Portland Policy Documents
Portland City Charter Section 2.504 charges the City Auditor with the maintenance of all official City records, including the City Charter & Code.  City Code Chapter 1.07 further charges the auditor with the maintenance of the Portland Policy Documents.
 Online City Code & Charter:   Links to the searchable online City Code & Charter (except Title 33 Planning & Zoning).
 Portland Policy Documents:   The Portland Policy Documents (PPD) were created in October 2001 to capture all City policies and administrative rules in one location.
Explanations and Examples for Elected Officials, City Employees, Appointees to Boards and Commissions, and City Volunteers.

A report that identifies elements in the current City charter that have been superseded by state laws or the courts, and identifies less important elements that could be moved to the City Code

Tips for searching the Online Code, Charter and Portland Policy Documents

Titled 33 contains planning and zoning regulations. It is published by the Bureau of Planning in PDF format.