POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 14 Public Order Chapter 14B.50 Forfeiture
14B.50.055 Distribution of Proceeds from Money Laundering Forfeiture.

(Added by Ordinance No. 185503, effective August 17, 2012.) 


A.  Forfeiture proceeds arising out of the prohibited conduct as defined by Section 14B.50.050 shall be separately accounted for. 


B.  After entry of a judgment of forfeiture for any assets forfeited under Section 14B.50.050, the forfeiting agency shall distribute or apply the proceeds in the following order:


1.  To the satisfaction of any foreclosed liens, security interests, and contracts, in order of their priority;


2.  To the seizing and forfeiting agencies for actual and reasonable expenses related to the costs of the forfeiture proceeding, including but not limited to


a.  the costs incurred by seizing and forfeiting agencies in investigating and prosecuting the case, such as costs, disbursements and attorney fees as defined in ORCP 68 A;


b.  special expenses such as the provision of currency for undercover law enforcement operations, the cost of disabling a hidden compartment in a motor vehicle, and storage or maintenance of the seized property; and


c.  expenses arising in connection with the sale of any forfeited property.


C.  To the extent not addressed by a claim filed under ORS 131A.165, restitution awarded under ORS 137.103 et seq. and compensatory fines awarded under ORS 137.101 shall be paid to any victim of the prohibited conduct or similar crime.


D.  After payment of costs under Subsection 14B.50.055 B. and C., the forfeiting agency shall use any remaining proceeds for law enforcement purposes.

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