POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 16 Vehicles and Tra Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.
16.40.110 Further Review and/or Denial of a Driver Permit Application.

A.  “Request for More Information” Letter.  If the Administrator determines that a permit cannot be issued due to an incomplete application, a failure to pay the application fee, or for any reason found in Section 16.40.090 or, if applicable, Section 16.40.080 (pedicabs) that can potentially be corrected, the Administrator will send the applicant a “Request for More Information” letter (the “Information Letter”) within 21 days of the initial application date.  If the applicant is a taxi driver, the Administrator will also mail a copy of the Information Letter to the sponsoring taxi company.  If the Administrator does not grant a permit or send an Information Letter within 21 days, the application is deemed denied and the applicant may appeal pursuant to Section 16.40.580.


B.  Contents of Information Letter.  The letter must list the reason(s) in Section 16.40.090 or, if applicable, Section 16.40.080 (pedicabs) that require further information and/or review before a permit may be issued. 


C.  Applicant Response Opportunity.  If an applicant receives an Information Letter, the applicant may respond by either:


1.  Submitting any missing information as requested by the Administrator in the letter;


2.  Submitting any explanatory information regarding any criminal or driving infraction that was the subject of the denial;


3.  Completing, within 90 days, any skills tests, driving tests, or knowledge tests that the applicant failed; or


4.  Demonstrating to the Bureau’s satisfaction that the disqualifying factor is either not likely to reoccur or that it occurred under circumstances that diminish the seriousness of the behavior.


D.  Successful Response.  Applicants that successfully and timely address the initially-disqualifying reason found in the Information Letter will be issued a driver’s permit pursuant to Section 16.40.100.


E.  Failure to Respond.  An application is deemed rejected if the applicant fails to respond in writing within 10 days to an Information Letter.  Rejected applicants that subsequently wish to obtain a driver’s permit must file a new application and meet all the requirements of Section 16.40.090 or, if applicable, Section 16.40.080 (pedicabs), including paying all necessary application fees.  If the applicant shows that the delay in responding was based on good cause, the Administrator may allow the applicant to respond to the Information Letter in the manner prescribed in Subsection 16.40.110 C.