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Search Tips

Search Scope:
You may choose to search specific documents or many documents at once:

  • To search the City Code, Charter & Portland Policy Documents at once, use the search box on the Charter, Code & Policies Page.
  • To search both the City Code & Charter at once, use the search box on the Online Code & Charter Page.
  • To search a specific title of the code, select the title from the search box drop down menu on the main City Code page or use the search box on the title's page.
  • To search just the Portland Policy Documents, use the search box on the PPD Page.
Search Terms:
You can search for information in the Charter, Code & PPD by using queries. A query is simply a description of what you are looking for. The search engine will search for sections of the document that are a best match for the words in your query.  Please make your queries as detailed as you like. Make sure to enter spaces between words in your query.  Enter your query in the search box and hit the "go" button. Your results will appear shortly.
For example, let's say you wanted to search the Code, Charter & PPD for information on parades.
  • Enter the word "parade" in the search box and hit go
  • Your search results will appear as a list of "Articles" and will include sections of City Code Titles 16, 19 & 17 as well as Portland Policy Document TRN-1.01
The search engine will also look for information on other City web sites that match your search criteria.  These will be listed under the Articles listing.  The search engine may also find a category of information that meets your search criteria.
You may also do "wildcard" searches by adding the % symbol to your search.  Using the example above, a search for "parad%" would return hits that match this criteria.
Note:  Title 33 is maintained separately by the Bureau of Planning.  Searches on this site will not search Title 33.