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The online version of the City Code is updated monthly. The following recent changes are not yet reflected in the online City Code. If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact the City Auditor's Office by e-mail or phone (503-823-4082).  Please note:  This list does not include amendments to Title 33 Planning and Zoning which is maintained by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.


Pending City Code Changes

Authorizing Ordinance #

Ordinance Title

Passed by Council

Effective Date

187150 Accept Park System Development Charge Methodology Update Report for implementation and amend the applicable sections of City Code (Amend Code Chapter 17.13) 5/27/2015 7/1/2016
187570 Establish the City Budget Office as the City bureau responsible for managing the Percent for Art program.  (Amend Code Sections 5.74.030 and 5.74.090 2/3/2016 3/4/2016


Questions about the City Code and Charter may be sent to Auditor's Code Publishing Staff


Questions about the Portland Policy Documents (PPD) may be directed to the Auditor's Policy Publishing Staff.