POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Griffin-Valade Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 14 Public Order Chapter 14B.90 Secondhand Dealers
14B.90.040 Application for Permit.

A.  An applicant for a Secondhand Dealer Permit shall complete and submit an application (including required personal history forms) that sets forth the following information:
1.  The name, address, telephone number, birth date and principal occupation of all owners and any person who will be directly engaged or employed in the management or operation of the business or the proposed business;
2.   The name, address and telephone number of the business or proposed business and a description of the exact nature of the business to be operated;
3.  The web address of any and all web pages used to acquire or offer for sale regulated property on behalf of the Dealer, and any and all internet auction account names used to acquire or offer for sale regulated property on behalf of the Dealer.
4.  Written proof that all principals are at least 18 years of age;
5.  Each principal’s business occupation or employment for the 3 years immediately preceding the date of application;
6.  The business license and permit history of the applicant in operating a business identical to or similar to those regulated by Chapter 14B.90;
7.  A brief summary of the applicant’s business history in any jurisdiction including:
a.   The business license or permit history of the applicant; and,
b.  Whether the applicant or any principal has ever had any business-related license or permit revoked or suspended, the reasons therefor, and the business activity or occupation of the applicant or principal subsequent to the suspension or revocation.
8.  Whether the applicant will be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, family limited partnership, joint venture, association, cooperative, trust, estate, corporation, personal holding company, limited liability company, limited liability partnership or any other form of organization for doing business.
a.  If a partnership, the application must set forth the names, birth dates, addresses, telephone numbers, and principal occupations, along with all other information required of any individual applicant, of each partner, whether general, limited, or silent, and the respective ownership shares owned by each;
b.  If a corporation, or limited liability company, the application must set forth the corporate or company name, copies of the articles of incorporation or organization and the corporate by-laws or operating agreement, and the names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers, and principal occupations, along with all other information required of any individual applicant, of every officer, director, members or managers, and shareholder (owning more than five percent of the outstanding shares) and the number of shares held by each;
9.  If the applicant does not own the business premises, a true and complete copy of the executed lease (and the legal description of the premises to be permitted) must be attached to the application;
10.  All arrests or convictions of each principal enumerated in paragraphs 1 through 7 of this Section;
11.  Upon request, principals and employees shall submit to the Portland Police Bureau the following information: fingerprints, passport size photographs, and a copy of the signature initials to be used by persons on transaction report forms. Principals and employees must submit new photos if requested to do so by the Portland Police Bureau;
12.  Any other information that the Director may reasonably feel is necessary to accomplish the goals of this Chapter.
B.  The Dealer shall notify the Revenue Bureau of any changes in the information required in Section A within ten business days.
C.  New employees of Dealers shall complete and submit the personal history form as required in Section A of this Subsection. Employees may not acquire regulated property until all required information has been reviewed and approved by the Portland Police Bureau. The criteria used to review a new employee will be the same as those used in the review of an initial application in 14B.90.050 B.
D.  The personal and business information contained in the application forms required pursuant to Section 14B.90.040 A. are subject to the requirements of the Oregon Public Records Law, ORS 192.410 et seq.

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