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The City of Portland's archival records provide important historical evidence of the development of city government since 1851. Significant research subjects documented by the collection include, but are not limited to, urban planning, parks, land use, public works, economic development, public safety and social issues.


The Archives contain approximately 8,000 cubic feet of material. The collection includes reports and studies, correspondence and memoranda from city agencies, and elected officials, maps and plans, and nearly 750,000 photographic images of City projects and personnel.


The historical collections are available to anyone wishing to do research. People wishing to research or access the records at the Archives may drop-in during designated hours. Research requests will be met on a first come, first served basis.  A public records request form does not need to be submitted when accessing records at the Archives. For more information about hours and access, please explore the links below.


Please note that the archivists do not conduct research, but will help researchers identify appropriate records that meet their research needs. Due to the nature of research and the subjective nature of determining appropriate records for topics, most research must be done in person. At this time, the majority of records within the Archives are hard copy and not digital.  However, many photographs and reports have been digitized and can be accessed through our online database, Efiles.  To explore the digital collections and to access our online catalog, please click here


Please contact us via email parc@portlandoregon.gov or telephone 503-865-4100 with your questions.




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