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Title 14 Public Order and Police
-Title 14 Note

Chapter 14A.10 Definitions

Chapter 14A.20 Procedures (view all)

Chapter 14A.30 Miscellaneous Acts of Misconduct (view all)

Chapter 14A.40 Interference With Persons And Sexual Misconduct (view all)

Chapter 14A.50 Conduct Prohibited on Public Property (view all)

Chapter 14A.55 Parade Event Marking (view all)

Chapter 14A.60 Weapons and Explosives (view all)

Chapter 14A.70 Gambling, Social Games, and Unlawful Amusement Games or Concessions (view all)

Chapter 14A.80 Minors (view all)

Chapter 14A.90 Illegal Firearms Use Hotspots (view all)

Chapter 14A.100 Regulations Governing the Safety and Conduct on Portland Streetcar, City of Portland Property (view all)

Chapter14A.110 Prohibited Conduct (view all)
- - Note
- 14A.110.005 Purpose.
- 14A.110.010 Failure to Vacate Elderly and Disabled Priority Seating.
- 14A.110.020 Smoking Prohibited.
- 14A.110.030 Food and Beverages.
- 14A.110.040 Sound-Emitting Devices Without Earphones.
- 14A.110.050 Shopping Carts.
- 14A.110.060 Animals.
- 14A.110.070 Noxious Fumes or Foul Smelling Materials or Substances.
- 14A.110.080 Oversize Packages.
- 14A.110.090 Skateboards, Roller skates and In-Line Skates.
- 14A.110.100 Bicycles.
- 14A.110.120 Motorized Human Transporters and other Two Wheeled Transportation Devices.
- 14A.110.130 Excessive Noise.
- 14A.110.140 Display of Lights.
- 14A.110.150 Use of Portland Streetcar System for Non Transit Purposes.
- 14A.110.160 Destructive Conduct Involving a Portland Streetcar Vehicle.
- 14A.110.170 Refuse and Waste.
- 14A.110.180 Destruction of Signs.
- 14A.110.190 Posting of Unauthorized Signs or Notices.
- 14A.110.200 Violation of Signage.
- 14A.110.210 Unlawful Gambling.
- 14A.110.220 Alcoholic Beverages.
- 14A.110.230 Sexual Activity.
- 14A.110.240 Damaging or Defacing Portland Streetcar Property.
- 14A.110.250 Misuse of Portland Streetcar Ticket Vending or Ticket Validating Equipment.
- 14A.110.260 Criminal Activity.
- 14A.110.270 Flammable Substances and Ignition Devices.
- 14A.110.280 Weapons.
- 14A.110.290 Discharge or Detonation of a Weapon.
- 14A.110.300 Activation of the Emergency Stop Device Except in an Emergency.
- 14A.110.310 Interference with or Trespass on Portland Streetcar Trackway.
- 14A.110.320 Hazardous and Toxic Material or Substances.
- 14A.110.330 Harassment and Intimidation.
- 14A.110.340 Explosive Materials or Device.
- 14A.110.350 Interference with Emergency Response.
- 14A.110.360 Abandonment of Packages.
- 14A.110.370 Failure to Pay Fare.
- 14A.110.380 Possession of Un-validated Transfer.
- 14A.110.390 Administrative Rules.
- 14A.110.400 Exclusion.
- 14A.110.410 Enforcement.
- 14A.110.420 Other Remedies.
- 14A.110.430 Violations Punishable by Fine.
- 14A.110.440 Administrative Rules.

Chapter 14B.10 Burglary and Alarm Systems (view all)

Chapter 14B.20 Drug-Free Zones (view all)

Chapter 14B.30 Prostitution-Free Zones (view all)

Chapter 14B.40 Impoundment and Investigation for DUII (view all)

Chapter 14B.50 Forfeiture (view all)

Chapter 14B.60 Chronic Nuisance Property (view all)

Chapter 14B.70 Short Term Motel Rental (view all)

Chapter 14B.80 Graffiti Nuisance Property (view all)

Chapter 14B.85 Graffiti Materials and Sales (view all)

Chapter 14B.90 Secondhand Dealers (view all)

Chapter 14B.100 Liquor License Recommendations (view all)

Chapter 14B.110 Amusement Devices, Games and Machines (view all)

Chapter 14B.120 Time, Place and Manner Regulation of Establishments that Sell and Serve Alcoholic Beverages (view all)

Chapter 14B.130 Marijuana Regulatory License Procedure and Requirements (view all)

Chapter 14C.10 Police Duties to Inventory Property (view all)

Chapter 14C.20 Police Bureau Property/Evidence Division Duties (view all)

Chapter 14C.30 General Procedures and Authority of the Bureau of Police (view all)

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