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IPR Historic Reports

2010 Ordinance Revisions to IPR Authority (view all)

Annual Reports (view all)
- 2013 Annual Report (PDF Document, 1,479kb)
- 2013 Annual Report Executive Summary (PDF Document, 293kb)
- 2012 Annual Report Executive Summary (PDF Document, 257kb)
- 2012 Annual Report (PDF Document, 1,277kb)
- 2011 Annual Report Executive Summary (PDF Document, 289kb)
- 2011 Annual Report (PDF Document, 2,261kb)
- 2010 Annual Report Executive Summary, May 2011 (PDF Document, 171kb)
- 2010 Annual Report (PDF Document, 593kb)

Director's Reports (view all)
- Director Report July 1, 2015 (Word Document, 102kb)
- Director Report June 3, 2015 (Word Document, 101kb)
- Director's Report to CRC May 6, 2015 (PDF Document, 364kb)
- Director's Report to CRC April 1, 2015 (PDF Document, 325kb)
- Director's Report to CRC March 3, 2015 (PDF Document, 385kb)
- Director's Report to CRC February 3, 2015 (PDF Document, 149kb)
- Director's Report to CRC January 7, 2015 (PDF Document, 150kb)
- Director's Report to CRC December 3, 2014 (PDF Document, 154kb)
- Director's Report to CRC November 5, 2014 (PDF Document, 143kb)
- Director's Report to CRC October 1, 2014 (PDF Document, 153kb)
- Director's Report to CRC September 3, 2014 (PDF Document, 397kb)
- Director's Report to CRC August 6, 2014 (Word Document, 97kb)
- Director's Report to CRC July 2, 2014 (Word Document, 165kb)
- Director's Report to CRC June 4, 2014 (PDF Document, 67kb)
- Director's Report to CRC May 7, 2014 (Word Document, 160kb)
- Director's Report to CRC April 2, 2014 (PDF Document, 49kb)
- Director's Report to CRC March 5, 2014 (PDF Document, 49kb)
- Director's Report to CRC February 5, 2014 (PDF Document, 52kb)
- Director's Report to CRC January 8, 2014 (PDF Document, 60kb)

Outside Reviews of Officer Involved Shootings / In-Custody Deaths (view all)

Policy Reviews (view all)
- Policy Review: Portland Police Bureau Policies and Practices Related to Hip-Hop Events (PDF Document, 256kb)
- City Auditor's Independent Review of Testimony in the Officer Frashour Arbitration (PDF Document, 543kb)
- Response to Recommendations Regarding Police Oversight and Proposed City Code Revisions November, 2011 (PDF Document, 353kb)
- Timeliness of Administrative Investigations Report July, 2011 (PDF Document, 178kb)
- Use of Force by Portland Police Bureau Follow-up Report July 2009 (PDF Document, 748kb)
- Performance Review of the Independent Police Review Division, January 23, 2008 (PDF Document, 872kb)
- IPR Community Outreach Plan, January 2009 (PDF Document, 205kb)
- Citizen Review Committee and Independent Police Review Progress Report to Council Memo, December 9, 2008 (PDF Document, 74kb)

Quarterly Reports (view all)
- IPR Quarterly, Second Quarter, 2015 (PDF Document, 93kb)
- IPR Quarterly, First Quarter, 2015 (PDF Document, 95kb)
- IPR Quarterly, Fourth Quarter 2014 (PDF Document, 416kb)
- IPR Quarterly, Third Quarter 2014 (PDF Document, 965kb)
- IPR Quarterly, Second Quarter 2014 (PDF Document, 851kb)
- IPR Quarterly, First Quarter 2014 (PDF Document, 883kb)
- IPR Quarterly, Fourth Quarter 2013 (PDF Document, 1,009kb)
- IPR Quarterly, Third Quarter, 2013 (PDF Document, 800kb)
- IPR Quarterly, Second Quarter, 2013 (PDF Document, 698kb)
- IPR Quarterly, First Quarter, 2013 (PDF Document, 701kb)
- IPR Quarterly, Fourth Quarter, 2012 (PDF Document, 1,288kb)

IPR Director's Reports to CRC

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