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License & Income Taxes

Licensing and Income Taxes

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- LIC-6.01 - Payments Deemed to be Compensation to Owners
- LIC-6.02 - Self-Employment Tax Deduction and Health Care Premium Deduction
- LIC-6.03 - Change of Ownership During the Year and Calculation of the Compensation Allowance Deduction
- LIC-6.04 - Patronage Dividends
- LIC-6.05 - Short Periods Count as Tax Year
- LIC-6.06 - Definition of Controlling Shareholders and Calculation of Number of Controlling Shareholders
- LIC-6.07 - Treatment of Currently Taxed Pass-Through Income
- LIC-6.08 - Partnerships - Partner Level Deduction Election
- LIC-6.09 - Qualified Retirement Plans
- LIC-6.10 - De Minimus Business Activity for Personal Services
- LIC-6.11 - Apportionment of Gains and Incomes Due to Sale of a Business
- LIC-6.12 - Business Activity and Apportionment of Sales of Tangible Personal Property
- LIC-6.13 - De Minimus Business Activity for Tangible Personal Property
- LIC-6.14 - Apportionment of Gross Income from Business Activities Other than Sales of Tangible Personal Property
- LIC-6.15 - Apportionment for Banking Income
- LIC-6.16 - Apportionment for Domestic Insurers
- LIC-6.17 - Apportionment for Freight Carriers
- LIC-6.18 - Apportionment for Passenger Carriers
- LIC-6.19 - Apportionment for Incomes Subject to PCC Chapters 7.12 or 7.14
- LIC-6.20 - Apportionment for Providers of Electronic or Telephonic Services

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