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ENB-13.17 - Residential Plumbing Plan Review and Field Issuance of Permits

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

Policies and Procedures:
A. Subdivisions and minor partitions--The commercial plumbing section will continue to review plumbing plans for subdivisions and minor partitions, with the Senior Environmental Soils Specialist reviewing for on-site wastewater.
B. Identifying on-site location of sewers--Support staff in the Records Center will provide the public with photocopies of existing on-site sewer location records to accompany plans for additions and accessory buildings.
C. Single-family plan review signoff and future cards--We no longer require signoffs on SFR's. Applicants will be required to attach a copy of the sewer location record (see Procedure 2 above) to their plans. Instead of future cards, the inspector will check their plans on site if the contractor's sizing of water and sewer pipes is in question. Eventually the computerized plumbing permit may identify the fixtures.
D. Pipe sizing on SFR's and duplexes--Contractors will be responsible for proper sizing of water and sewer pipes to met the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code. Permit Center staff will stamp this requirement on all single family and duplex structural plans. District inspectors will enforce the proper sizing.
E. Public inquiries--Phone calls and walk ins with questions related to the residential plumbing code will be handled by the Combination Inspections section, with backup by the Commercial Plumbing section.
F. Field issuance of permits--Permits are no longer issued to homeowners in the field. Homeowners have to apply for permits in the Permit Center and eventually will be given a brochure that explains basic plumbing requirements for the most common types of permitted work done by homeowners. Permit Center staff will stamp homeowner plumbing permits with a notice asking the applicant to call the district inspector before starting work under the permit.
G. On-site stormwater disposal--The Senior Environmental Soils Specialist reviews plans for on-site disposal for new construction and additions. Staff is currently working with the Bureau of Environmental Services to establish "standard" options for on-site stormwater disposal. When their work is complete, Permit Center staff will give the applicant a flier describing the current stormwater disposal options for various circumstances (additions, remodels , accessory buildings) . The flier will also advise the applicant to contact the district inspector. The development of standard options eventually will allow Plan Review or BES staff to sign off on on-site stormwater disposal.

Filed by Bureau of Development Services for inclusion in PPD September 29, 2004.
Originally published as Bureau of Buildings Procedure No. B-7-3 dated November 1, 1993

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ENB-13.17 - Residential Plumbing Plan Review and Field Issuance of Permits
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