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Online Code Updated September 30, 2011

The Online Code is updated to include all Code changes effective through September 21, 2011.


Ordinance No. 184870, effective September 14, 2011 amends Code Sections: 

14B.120.020 Definitions.
14B.120.030 Nuisance Activity Violations.
14B.120.040 Notice.
14B.120.060 Enforcement.
14B.120.080 Remedies.


Ordinance No. 184880, effective September 21, 2011 replaces Chapter 3.128 Office of Human Relations with Office of Equity and Human Rights and amends the following Code Sections from Chapter 3.129 Human Rights Commission:

3.129.010 Staffing and Membership.
3.129.020 Mission.


Ordinance No. 184882, effective September 21, 2011 changes the name Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management to Office for Community Technology and amends Code Chapter 3.114. 

The name change was also done in the following Code Sections:

2.12.020 Definitions.

3.114.010 Creation.
3.114.020 Functions.
3.114.030 Jurisdiction.

3.115.020 Cable Regulatory Commission.
3.115.030 General Powers & Duties.
3.115.040 Portland Community Media.
3.115.120 Notice Requirements.

7.12.080 Report of Earnings.

7.14.040 Definitions.