POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code and Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 17 Public Improveme Chapter 17.15 Transportation System Development Charge
17.15.080 Payment.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 173437, 181322, 182389 and 183447, effective July 1, 2010.) 


A.  The Transportation SDC required by this Chapter to be paid is due upon issuance of the Building Permit.  However, in lieu of payment of the Full SDC, the applicant may elect to pay the SDC in installments as provided in ORS chapter 223 and Chapter 17.14 of this Code.  If the Applicant elects to pay the SDC in installments, a lien will be placed against the property that is subject to the SDC, and that lien will be given first priority as provided by statute.  The Applicant’s election to pay the SDC by installments shall be memorialized in an SDC Deferral or Installment Agreement entered into by the Applicant and the City on a form provided by the City, and which may provide for the deferral of payments as set forth in Chapter 17.14 of this Code.  In any event, the Applicant shall either pay the SDC in full or enter into an SDC Deferral or Installment Agreement as provided in this section, before the City will issue any building permits. 


B.  Upon written request of the Bureau of Transportation, the City Auditor is authorized to cancel assessments of SDCs, without further Council action, where the New Development approved by the Building Permit is not constructed and the Building Permit is cancelled.


C.  For property that has been subject to a cancellation of assessment of SDCs, a new installment payment contract shall be subject to the code provisions applicable to SDCs and installment payment contracts on file on the date the new contract is received by the City.


D.  The City of Portland shall not be responsible for nor have any responsibility to honor or enforce agreements made by private parties regarding the payment or collection of SDC assessments.

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