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1891 Cover of Charter for Consolidated Cities

1891 Cover of Charter for Consolidated Cities

Series Number:  2001-01
Series Title:  Auditor's City Charter Records

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Table of Contents
1851 Minutes of first council meeting
1851 Minutes page on jail construction
1853 Bill for fire equipment
1855 Dog licenses print order
1856 Petition to install water main
1868 Invitation to railroad groundbreaking
1871 Ordinance 917 authorizing Washington Park purchase
1873 Fire relief petition
1879 Request to install telephone lines
1880 Petition against electric street lights
1880 Request to install awnings after storm
1887 Palatine Hill pumping station
1888 Letter from Skidmore Fountain Committee
1890 City Hall Bond
1891 Cover of Charter for Consolidated Cities
1891 Cyanotype of Bull Run exploration
1892 Morrison St. Bridge
1894 Downtown street in during flood
1895 Reservoir 4
1904 Forestry Building construction
1904 Parks Board report cover
1905 Group at Lewis & Clark Exposition fire station
1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition Lake and Buildings
1907 Forestry Building exterior
1907 Forestry building interior
1908 Fire engine decorated for Rose Parade
1908 Hose company 20: first prize in Rose Parade
1910 Construction crew on Hawthorne (Madison St.) Bridge
1912 Bennet Plan proposal for Park Blocks and Burnside
1913 Proposed 1913 Charter cover
1915 First traffic signal 3rd and Morrison
1915 Linnton merger ballot
1915 Lola Greene Baldwin
1915 St. Johns merger ballot
1917 Public Auditorium dedication pamphlet
1921 Cheney Plan map
1921 Cheney Plan proposals for Burnside Bridge, boulevard, park
1922 Proposed Vista Bridge
1926 New Burnside Bridge decked out for opening
1928 Construction of Bull Run Dam 1
1928 Construction of Bull Run Dam 1
1929 Aerial of completed Harbor Wall
1929 Forms for Harbor Wall 2nd concrete pour
1929 Swan Island Airport
1929 Waterfront Conditions before Harbor Wall
1930 St. Johns Bridge under construction
1930 W. Burnside before widening
1931 W. Burnside after widening
1932 Bartholomew Report frontispiece: river, bridges, downtown
1933 Mayor George Baker at City Hall
1933 Public Market ground floor plan
1933 Relief crew working on 4th Avenue extension (Barbur Blvd.)
1935 c Council Crest Street Car in service
1935 St. Johns Bridge lighted at night
1940 Airport under construction
1943 Aerial of Vanport
1943 Moses Report on Harbor Drive development
1943 Vanport street scene
1948 Aerial of Vanport flooded
1948 Mayor Dorothy McCullough Lee
1948 Vanport flood aftermath building debris
1948 Vanport flood aftermath mud flats
1948 Vanport flood aftermath upturned cars
1948 Vanport relief checks distribution
1952 Columbia Blvd. Wastewater plant dedication
1957 Filming for Civil Defense film "A Day Called X" based on 1955 Operation Green Light evacuation drill
1960 Lloyd Center, NE Halsey looking east from 10th toward Lloyd Center
1960 Memorial Coliseum completed
1960 Memorial Coliseum construction
1962 Columbus Day Storm damage - crushed car
1962 Columbus Day Storm damage in Washington Park
1964 Forestry Building burning
1964 Marquam Bridge under construction
1968 Civic Auditorium souvenir program
1969 Journal building (old public market)
1970 Liberty Bell bombing - City Hall exterior
1970 Liberty Bell bombing - City Hall interior
1972 Fremont Bridge early construction
1973 Council Crest Street Car on display
1973 Fremont Bridge construction
1974 Harbor Drive aerial
1974 Harbor Drive aerial
1976 Commissioner Charles Jordan
1977 Parade gathering for Blazers
1980 Mayor Connie McCready
1980 Report cover showing Mt. St. Helens
1983 Portland Building - 4th Avenue side
1985 Police Chief Penny Harrington
1985 Portlandia installed
1986 Portland Building -5th Avenue side
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